Re-discover your extraordinary Capacities


Re-energize and re-discover your extra -ordinary Capacities

I invite you to a magical exploration:

What are the magical abilities and capacities we all knew as little children that we have buried and forgotten, that if we were to retrieve and remember them could make a huge difference to what we could change and create as this reality?

Can we be alchemists with molecules?

Can we be magicians affecting and creating reality?

Can we co-create with the intelligence of the elements way beyond what we thought possible? What could we create together?

With everything that is happening all around the world I would like to energise what we can be as vibrational alchemists who can create in collaboration with Nature, the Earth, the Elements and the quantum entanglements of the Universe for the greatest good of the planet and the whole.

I have been co-creating vibrational morphic fields of possibility through sound and vibration with individuals and groups over many years and through last years study we really noticed how much we can change and create through being the question, following the energy and creating the vibrational field of possibility.

I remember myself as a child knowing that we had capacities way beyond what we commonly are using at this time – in my inner playground we were able to change matter, levitate and fly, co-create with the consciousness of nature – changing the very nature of matter and molecules to create more with the Earth and with what is here.

Does this sound familiar to you?

In my inner playground of creation and exploration it was about creating more with the amazing plentitude of what is here on this wonderful planet – out-creating rather than fighting any destructive forces.

We created more beauty, more joy, more collaboration, more possibility and consciousness using creativity for greater collaboration, more amazing fine-tuning of  what is here.

We brought life into desertified land, we levitated rocks and materials to build and shape space, building shelters with the consciousness of the materials and the space itself. We were in communion with wind, rain, earth, sky and sea -using our extra-ordinary  capacities for the good of the whole including ourselves and the earth and intelligences from beyond the Earth.

And so much more….. !!!

I wonder what it is you might be able to remember and access of your own knowing and magical capacities? Who are we really? Beyond the mask of the small self?

I realised that my greatest gift for now is to be the space of that inner playground of knowing and exploration and invite you all to join me in rediscovering our capacities.

Can we be the alchemists with the molecules in co-creation with all the forces of nature through vibrational alignment following the language of energy?

And can we be the questions that open the doors for new possibilities.
Who would like to join me?

Starting with 7 days or sessions of exploration – taken at your own pace  –   each day / session has a sound vibrational field to work with and invites experimenting and engaging with new ways of being – exploring how you can be alchemists of consciousness and matter.

Using the sound vibrational field from my playground capacities to allow you to access your own inner playground to discover your gifts and capacities that are ready to be rediscovered to contribute to the world and to you at this time.

How it works:
you receive 7 downloadable sessions: a sound track for the day and the questions to explore and be with during the sound meditation each day. – just between 10 -15 minutes.

You will also be added to the private Facebook group if you wish to join it.

Sign up here to receive access to  all 7 sessions:

Investment: £35

What energy is being created just by saying YES to this exploration and beginning to building a field!!!

Can you perceive the energy?

Here is the Welcome Video of Introduction:

what you would like to ask for from this playground of possibilities?

Participant’s Experiences:

I had an overview of my life — How much magic I have been  and created  since I was young. I see clearly –beyond the words how much capacity Ive always had and yet  often’ half off’  from self doubt  and my own resistance.

This is really recognising and acknowledging. myself  from the outside in,seeing myself rather than dismissing.   So,,,,,,, what else is possible ???


‘Oh I am having such fun with this and recognising my energetic responses that I am so familiar with responding to the sounds and vibration, it all helps to make so much sense.’


‘The experience was fantastic for me! Shifted my thinking, attitude and energy and opened more creative possibilities. Really….do I need any more?’

F. C.

This playground revisited in me the power that is before thought that opened more profoundly my creative ORIGINAL potential. The languaging isn’t communicating the experience but maybe gives a glimpse?



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