Re-imagine Your Life


A neuroimaginal journey with music by Gabriella and guided imagery by Nita Gage

Powerful guided meditations to create healing and change

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Product Description

How To Reimagine Your Life with Neuroimaginal™ Experiences

This exciting collaboration of neuro imaginal practicioner and accomplished psychotherapist Nita Gage and avant guard sound weaver musician Gabriella Kapfer presents 6 journeys designed to assist the listener in reaching more coherence and wholeness in their lives

These guided meditations are accompanied by sounds and music especially created to assist and deepen the listener’s journey. The music and sounds themselves create a vibrational field of safety and love within which opening, healing and transformation is facilitated.

  1. Thinking With Your Heart 7:28min
    Learn to connect your heart and your brain through a mindfulness meditation and guided visualisation.
    singing bowls, kalimba, voice

    for single track download go here:thinking-with-your-heart

  2. Consulting Your Future Self 9:18min
    Guided visualization to the you of the future who will give you a message to empower your presence life.
    singing bowls, bells, harp, zither, voices

    for single track download go here: consulting-your-future-self

  3. Rediscover Your Passion 7:44min
    Reconnect with your earliest dreams and aspirations, and reignite your passion for living and creating.
    singing bowls, kalimba, cello, voice,

    for single track download fo here: rediscover-your-passion

  4. Visiting Your Past 8:48min
    Revisit and heal a past event that may be inhibiting you from living your brilliance and fullest capacity.
    singing bowls, zither, percussion instruments, gong, voices

    for single track download go here: visiting-your-past

  5. Turning the Light on Your Shadow 13:48min
    Let the music and words gently and comfortably guide you to see what gifts you have hidden away.
    singing bowls, cello, voices, zither

    for single track download go here: turning-the-light-on-your-shadow

  6. Neuroimaginal™ Journey 16:10min
    Drop into a journey that will unveil visions and insights to lead you to your deeper truth and sacred purpose.
    bells, percussion instruments, singing bowls, drum, native flute, voices

    for single track download of this file go here: vision-quest-a-neuroimaginal-journey

These audio tracks are 6 guided visualisations assisting us to re-imagine and re-envision our lives, bringing healing to parts that might have been hidden, assisting integration of shadow parts into wholeness.About the Neuroimaginal research.

Spoken Words by Nita Gage, DSPS
MA co-founder of the neuro imaginal institute (see more about neuro imaginal research below)
Original Music by Gabriella Kapfer

NeuroImaginal™ Theory teaches that how we react in the world emanates from a set of assumptions and perceptions that are stored in our neurons and work at a subconscious level in the midsection of our brains. Recently, neuroscientists have

discovered that there is an equally important and complex set of neurons in our hearts.

We can make positive change in our lives through shifting the image, thought,
movement and behavior which is mapped in these neurons, as these observable
aspects change we now know neural patterns in our heart and brain are changing too.

NeuroImaginal Practice links emerging neurobiology findings and modern consciousness research with ancient healing technologies that speak to our deeper humanness . With a
focus on psychophysiological coherence of the heart, this research offers quick and simple ways to
support mind, body and soulful order, or coherence within the human system.

NeuroImaginal™ practices work with imagery, the body, brain and heart neural
processes to minimize trauma’s impact. With evidence based well tested methods
NeuroImaginal™ theory and practices facilitate changes in the personality structures,
coping strategies and patterned responses we have built over the course of our lives.
The experience can be enhanced by working with these in combination with Nita’s book:





The Women In Storage Club: How to Reimagine Your Life
by Nita Gage

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