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Product Description

A neuroimaginal journey with music by Gabriella and guided imagery by Nita Gage.

Track Lists;

  1. Thinking With Your Heart 7:28
    Learn to connect your heart and your brain through a mindfulness meditation and guided visualisation.
    singing bowls, kalimba, voice
  2. Consulting Your Future Self 9:18
    Guided visualization to the you of the future who will give you a message to empower your presence life.
    singing bowls, bells, harp, zither, voices
  3. Rediscover Your Passion 7:44
    Reconnect with your earliest dreams and aspirations, and reignite your passion for living and creating.
    singing bowls, kalimba, cello, voice,
  4. Visiting Your Past 8:48
    Revisit and heal a past event that may be inhibiting you from living your brilliance and fullest capacity.
    singing bowls, zither, percussion instruments, gong, voices
  5. Turning the Light on Your Shadow 13:48
    Let the music and words gently and comfortably guide you to see what gifts you have hidden away.
    singing bowls, cello, voices, zither
  6. Neuroimaginal™ Journey 16:10
    Drop into a journey that will unveil visions and insights to lead you to your deeper truth and sacred purpose.
    bells, percussion instruments, singing bowls, drum, native flute, voices

Additional Information

Re-imagine Your Life

Consulting Your Future Self, Rediscover Your Passion, Thinking with Your Heart, Turning The Light on Your Shadow, Vision Quest, a Neuroimaginal Journey, Visiting Your Past


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