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A neuroimaginal journey with music by Gabriella and guided imagery by Nita Gage.

Track Lists;

  1. Thinking With Your Heart 7:28 Learn to connect your heart and your brain through a mindfulness meditation and guided visualisation.
    singing bowls, kalimba, voice
  2. Consulting Your Future Self 9:18 Guided visualization to the you of the future who will give you a message to empower your presence life.
    singing bowls, bells, harp, zither, voices
  3. Rediscover Your Passion 7:44 Reconnect with your earliest dreams and aspirations, and reignite your passion for living and creating.
    singing bowls, kalimba, cello, voice,
  4. Visiting Your Past 8:48 Revisit and heal a past event that may be inhibiting you from living your brilliance and fullest capacity.
    singing bowls, zither, percussion instruments, gong, voices
  5. Turning the Light on Your Shadow 13:48 Let the music and words gently and comfortably guide you to see what gifts you have hidden away.
    singing bowls, cello, voices, zither
  6. Neuroimaginal™ Journey 16:10 Drop into a journey that will unveil visions and insights to lead you to your deeper truth and sacred purpose.
    bells, percussion instruments, singing bowls, drum, native flute, voices

Consulting Your Future Self, Rediscover Your Passion, Thinking with Your Heart, Turning The Light on Your Shadow, Vision Quest, a Neuroimaginal Journey, Visiting Your Past


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