Singing bowl Wands

Hand crafted individually from local woods
and recycled leather pieces

local wood sourced here so far:
apple, cherry, fig, olive, oak, sweet chestnut, thuja

in small, medium and large sizes and various styles


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Welcome to the Singing Bowl Wand creation space


This is a creative process with the local woods available
– each wand is hand crafted individually with unique differences accoring to the wood itself as it emerges.

They come in large, medium and small sizes of varying lengths and thicknesses, as well shapes and designs.

Some are “one ended” = one side is a handle, the other the beater end

Some are “two ended” = both sides can be used as a wand – usually one side with leather and one without.

(see images below)


If you’d like to order wands, please write and specify

type(s) of wood, sizes, designs and any other wishes you might have for your own singingbowls.

Currently the woods available are: Apple, Cherry, Fig, Chestnut, Thuja. some Oak and Olive.

We can also make to order.


Suggested donations for these:

£5 for small wands

£8 for medium wands

£12 for large wands


Make a donation and please add a note:




small, medium,large


double ended, single ended


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