Step five of Uncovering your hidden and magical Capacities and Aspects of Being


Expanding the qualities of being your magical self

Welcome to Step five

Expanding the qualities of being our magical selves

Is there a weird and wonderful quirkiness that you have stopped yourself from being?

And if you were to open out and allow yourself to be it what more of your total unique joyful being and capacities could that unlock?

Use this Sound Wand and PDF workheet To assist you to expand those energies, qualities that create the future you wish to create as daily choices of where to put your energy

If you are using this sound wand as part of the ‘re-dicover your hidden and magical capacities’ program I suggest you work with this Sound wand for about a week before moving on to Step 6

Once you purchase this Step, you will receive access to the PDF worksheet and the Sound Wand mp3.

Other participants:

‘very powerful- I started to listen, not really paying attention, then I was just in it, being it. I had subtle, but quite real results appearing.Lots of gratitude…’

‘There is a tiny new voice beginning to speak up in me – she is asking to emerge as if never seen before…

is it new or is it simply her moment to spring forth?

What I know is that the energy required to keep something down when it asks to rise takes way more energy (resistance!) than allowing the flow of life forces that are naturally occurring.

So with the ever present companion of Nature I step aside and allow these burgeoning energies to be free to live fully in me, through me and around me!

Bring it on!’

‘Listening to the sound wand I became the vibrations, everything was vibration, from all directions, multi-dimensional, and there was utter acceptance of all. I felt as if my consciousness is the fulcrum, the source of balance of the absolute is-ness of vibration. Balance emerges from total acceptance of all in continual change/adjustment. The wave function is always in flux, never fixed. I feel exhilarated and deeply alive.’


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