Step six of Uncovering your hidden and magical Capacities and Aspects of Being


Quickening, vitalising, Coming into Flow

Welcome to Step 6 

Quickening, vitalising – Coming into Flow 

Where in your lives, your bodies, your lands, your projects, your cultures and civilizations, your ways of living have energies hardened and atrophied and require the fire of consciousness to be able to be in the evolving flow of life, vitalising renewal and thrival?

Use this Sound Wand and PDF To dissolve any stuck energies and bring flow.

You can also use it to activate your internal flow and apothecary allowing your body to keep stepping up into its fullness of capacity, functioning and contribution as the amazing instrument of renewal and creation it truly is!

If you are using this sound wand as part of the ‘re-dicover your hidden and magical capacities’ program I suggest you work with this Sound wand for about a week or for however long you sense before moving on to Step 7

Once you purchase this Step, you will receive access to the PDF  Worksheet and the Sound Wand mp3.
Enjoy Previous participant’s sharings

‘wonderful – definitely a lot of “unfreezing” and “decrusting” occuring. It’s been quite seismic and I have been in a place of simply wanting to sit and be receptive – I have been experiencing that the old ways of doing things just don’t function any more no matter what pressures there might be to be “doing” in the material world. I have had to allow space for a different way of being to start to emerge …..Shedloads of what is not mine being released and finally,yay!!


a sense of developing more strength in operating from a platform of what is truly me in co-creation – particularly with plants as well as sound’

‘Thankyou for this potent Sound Wand, pregnant with possibilities’

‘Wow, this sound wand really cleared my head and shifted a lot of energy’.


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