Step two of Uncovering your hidden and magical Capacities and Aspects of Being


Welcome to Step Two 

Acknowledging all you already are, have and create

Have you ever had the experience as a child that your energy and way of being and perceiving was not at all recognised or fitting in with ‘how things should be’? How much of you have you turned off and adapted to fit?

How many of your perceptions, awarenesses and capacities were turned off or even turned against yourself?

Use this Sound Wand and PDF To be the acknowledgment that allows any new or old capacities (even those you had thought of as wrongness or weakness) to be recognized, received and realised as the gift, possibility and strength they truly are.

If you are using this sound wand as part of the ‘re-dicover your hidden and magical capacities’ program I suggest you work with this Sound wand for about a week or for however long you sense before moving on to Step 3

Once you purchase this Step, you will receive access to the PDF worksheet and the Sound Wand mp3.

previous participant: ‘I’ve been wondering what magical capacities I left in the playground. Now I remember that as a teenager I nearly always knew when a dear friend was going to ask me to babysit. The connection was so easy that I just knew. Mostly since then that capacity has been invisible. How many thoughts and conclusions have I been using, without even realising it, to keep my capacities hidden?’


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