The 'Happy Mouth' System: Happy Mouth – Energetic Dentistry, generative and youthening processes


Happy Mouth Energetic Dentistry is a system of activating the generative and restorative capacities of the body to selfheal and restore gums, teeth and even re-grow missing teeth as well as building up general health , wellbeing and youthening and generative capacities of the whole body.

This is a longterm treatment and committment. The initial full activation of the systems requires 21 days of activations and then sustained follow up work for either a few weeks, months or years – depending on what you wish to achieve; whether you wish to rebuild your gums, heal your teeth or even regrow them.
Treatment Plan
In an initial meeting we find out what it is you wish to change, and from that develop a plan of sessions.
To activate any of the Happy Mouth systems to regenerate gums, bone, broken or chipped teeth requires a protocol of 21 days of consecutive sessions where the practitioner stimulates (by gentle rubbing or touch) various points on your head. This usually takes around 20-30 minutes at most, and then we do some gentle holding of your face/cheeks/jaw while running energetic processes to assist the activations for the rest of the hour or so of the session.
We might also do some verbal processing. We clear the energies which might be stuck in the mouth and this assists the body to heal and regenerate itself.
We have points for gums, bone, lymph, TMJ problems, tooth repair etc and also points for awareness and insight and other things. There are 16 in total.
We also have protocol for growing new teeth and nerve regeneration, tooth decay and other things.
In order to grow new teeth, a process is required to get the gums and whole mouth in a healed and healthy place first. It may take at least one 21 day cycle or more to do this.
We also have hands on processes which do not require to be run 21 days in a row.”
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