Triangle Bells


triangle bells to uplift, bring joy and lightness With these bells we wish to contribute to the health of our planet by supporting the very beings that create the basis for most of the life on this Earth, the trees Triangle bells come in different sizes, metals (brass or bronze) & thicknesses, get your lucky dip or send me a message with your order For one order you will get either a pair of small to medium triangles or one larger triangle with a metal wand. Please let me know what you prefer See video.

10% of every sale goes in support of Tree-sisters reforestation programs

You will support the reforestation of the planet with your bell purchases Triangle bells come either in pairs or as singles (slightly larger) with a magic metal wand

‘I have received the Triangle bells today, oh how beautiful. I want to say how very blessed I feel that I am, to be gifted the opportunity to be able to work with them as guided; May I serve their purpose well.

As I touched the pouches I felt the care love and tenderness that was part of their creation, but also how they had been packed and placed in their pouches. To hear the Sonics! The pair what harmony! Touched my soul and I had a sense they hold essence of higher dimensional vibrations.’

Large single

"bronze" "brass"

small pair

"brass" "bronze"

medium pair

"brass" "bronze"


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