Voices of Nature


Voices of Nature is 25 minute recording of songs inspired by nature interwoven with meditative cello and voice improvisations.

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Angelic voices supported by the cello weave a tapestry of healing sounds, delivering messages and songs from and for the Earth, leading the listener to reconnect with Nature on a very deep level and facilitating inner peace.

sample track: Dance of the Birds


  1. Dance of the birds (an improvisation with cello and voices)
  2. Once there was a heart of love (song – a capella voices & gong)
  3. When the shadows fall (song – a capella voices)
  4. The ruby (improvisation St Oran’s chapel)
  5. When time was plentiful (song – a capella voices & nature sounds)
  6. Morning Star (improvisation St Oran’s chapel)
  7. Butterflies (song – a capella voices)
  8. The elf-stone (song – a capella voices)
  9. Ripples (cello and voices)

Recorded 2002 in Scotland and Germany.

Mastered by Kanter Dhaenens, Belgium




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