Re-discover your hidden and magical Capacities

Re-Discover your hidden magical Capacities and Aspects of Being


It had such powerful effects on those who participated that we decided to make it available as a home study program, where you can receive each step in your own timing.

The 7 steps created themselves in the walking:

Each step is a theme with questions to explore and a sound wand – a vibrational field created by the sound assisting to un-lock or energise

The seven steps:

Step1: Opening doors behind which we may have hidden parts of ourselves and our capacities.

Acknowledging who we are and the capacities we have, even if we have mistakenly called them wrong or turned them against ourselves, so we can receive them as the gifts and strengths they truly can be.

Calling out aspects and capacities that we have placed in other realities of our dreams and fantasies, dimensions past present or future and making them available here and now.

Facilitating the meeting of a future self that is living beyond our wildest dreams and bringing the energy of this into the now.

Congruence: Identifying and energising those qualities that make us congruent with our future self

Creating flow where there has been stagnancy, hardening, freezing, encrustations….. in body, life and environment

Becoming more of You; beyond definition, form, structure, control, linearity, concentricity and limitation – claiming the magical self

What others have said about this program:

It has been such an amazing experience and so much has shifted and shown up for me–so gently and spontaneously that I have to consider to acknowledge it all. It is and has been mind boggling, and such fun. Thank you so very much for the wonderful and amazing 7 weeks workshop, whose effects I am inviting to persist. N

“I have been experiencing lots of growth followed by lots of “releasing” and adjusting. It makes life interesting and exciting.

Some of my “forgotten” talents and abilities are so natural and much a part of me, that once they resurface they are just there and a normal part of who I be, and I sort of forget they just returned. I am just relieved. This is a quietly and wonderfully potent series !” N

“Listening to the sound wand I became the vibrations, everything was vibration, from all directions, multi-dimensional, and there was utter acceptance of all. I felt as if my consciousness is the fulcrum, the source of balance of the absolute is-ness of vibration. Balance emerges from total acceptance of all in continual change/adjustment. The wave function is always in flux, never fixed. I feel exhilarated and deeply alive”. M

“Gabriella how wondrous was that , you have touched the very essence of my being. I need to listen and listen !” M

“I have found the whole experience both expanding and restful at the same time. It has brought an immense shift in how I view many things and a huge shift in what I eat and the pattern of my eating.” V

Each step has a separate unit to work with the theme – each one includes a PDF worksheet and the sound wand mp3 – or you can purchase it as a whole program.



Purchase Program here for  program:

Why would you wish to have this program?

What are the abilities and capacities you knew as a child that you may have buried or forgotten that if you were to retrieve and remember them could make a huge difference to you and to what we could change and create as this reality?

Do you remember being ready to take on the world as a little one?


Were you, like me, aware that you could shape shift and transform things just by thinking about them


Perhaps you were one who knew that the fairies you were talking-to and playing with were really there?


Did you wonder where your wings had gone when you were standing at the top of the slide?


What was it for you? What happened?


Where did that energy or awesome wonder and immense potency disappear to? Where did that Knowing, and all those capacities go?


For most of us these gifts of childhood were our own innate capacities. As we gaze upon them now it’s as though they were ‘magical’ and have become lost somewhere in the mists of time, fizzling out through simply getting older…normalising, adapting and being taught the ‘how-to and not how-to’ of growing up.


Perhaps you thought that was normal? You are right. in this reality It was and still is, normal!


Is this normal working for you?


Or is it possible that you sense that you have been functioning on a fraction of your full capacity and have that kind of awareness that has you asking, thinking, there must be more to life than this – what else is possible?

What capacities might you have tucked under the pillow when you were sleeping because you knew that would be the safest place for them when you were able to pick them up again?


Which gifts are lying dormant, never having been acknowledged or even dreamt of?


What are the innate capacities that you have that have never been seen or recognised before so were not valued?


What if you were able to access just one of them and begin to know that the magic you came in with is really available again?


Sometimes it only takes a revisiting to those marvellous spaces and places of our childhood or previous lifetimes of creative powers for us to begin to know our own incredible and unique capacities. Sometimes it takes a little more, like the releasing and easing of some rusty locks …


We can use tools (and spray cans!) to assist easing open the rusty locks and keys and we can also explore the infinite possibilities when we come into conscious co-creation with Nature and with our own infinite knowing. When we start to acknowledge them, safely, with gratitude and wonder, we can begin to use them! And then they too can be a huge gift and contribution to our lives and the world around us.


So would you like to be a part of a space of co-creating with others, asking for your capacities to come out of hiding and be rediscovered?


We will be playing with sound, with Nature, with each other?


Can we be alchemists with molecules?


With everything that is happening all around the world I would like to energise what we can be as vibrational alchemists who can create in collaboration with Nature, the Earth, the Elements and the quantum entanglements of the Universe for the greatest good of the planet and the whole.


Can we be magicians affecting and creating reality?


Can we co-create with the intelligence of the elements way beyond what we thought possible?


What could we create together?


Would you like to play? purchase program here


Free Sound Weaving Track

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How this came about:


I have been co-creating vibrational morphic fields of possibility through sound and vibration with individuals and groups over many years and through last years study we really noticed how much we can change and create through being the question, following the energy and creating the vibrational field of possibility.


With the help of 2 friends I recently remembered myself as a child knowing that we had capacities way beyond what we commonly are using at this time – in my inner playground we were able to change matter, levitate and fly, co-create with the consciousness of nature – changing the very nature of matter and molecules to create more with the Earth and with what is here.

Does this sound familiar to you?

In my inner playground of creation and exploration it was about creating more with the amazing plentitude of what is here on this wonderful planet – out-creating rather than fighting any destructive forces.

We created more beauty, more joy, more collaboration, more possibility and consciousness using creativity for greater collaboration, more amazing fine-tuning of what is here.


We brought life into desertified land, we levitated rocks and materials to build and shape space, building shelters with the consciousness of the materials and the space itself. We were in communion with wind, rain, earth, sky and sea -using our extra-ordinary capacities for the good of the whole including ourselves and the earth and intelligences from beyond the Earth.


And so much more….. !!!


I wonder what it is you might be able to remember and access of your own knowing and magical capacities?


Who are we really? Beyond the mask of the small self?


I realised that my greatest gift for now is to be the space of that inner playground of knowing and exploration and invite you all to join me in rediscovering our capacities.


Can we be the alchemists with the molecules in co-creation with all the forces of nature through vibrational alignment following the language of energy?


And can we be the questions that open the doors for new possibilities.


Who would like to join?

‘..I have been transported to a place of 100% wonder, and I think I want to live here for the rest of my existence….’H

‘It was fantastic. Really exciting journey with the sounds. I connected with and entered realms of vibration where being „magical“ is simply as it is, normal, where form is not as solid as it is in this physical reality. so familiar, and yet, I found my physical structure was not always able to fully open into and become these vibrations, I met the „inertia“ of matter in my awareness, of very slow vibrations that feel stuck or fixed, my nervous system was challenged ….

I want to go through the 7 days again, to deepen and give the listening and being with the vibrations more time and space. Its a sense of slowing down in order to accelerate, if this makes sense. The sounds themselves were magical, carrying the power of pure intention, merging with patterns and harmonies of creation, opening and transforming as many layers as they could touch within my (human) field of consciousness … And it´s also brought me „back“ in time or „forward“ or to a higher possibility or potential whatever you like – a memory of sounding with or through the elemental, spiritual, angelic, devic dimensions, birthing new ways, playing with creation, while being in a much less physical body, much more etheric, fluid, vibrant … pretty much what you are doing here . Beautiful magical being. thank you for your GIFTS!!!’ I

‘I listened to it (one of the sound tracks) twice and I found myself each time on a different playground of magic, loved it ? The first time it moved me to my tears as the sounds touched the deepness of my soul while for the second time the resources emerged and it was sooooo empowering! One dimension was working on my cells and the other on my relationships with people around me.