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Tingsha / Bells








Tingsha (Pair of bells) are used to:

  • Raise frequency, energy and vibration
  • Lift the spirit
  • Clear the mind
  • Clear and cut through mucky spaces – Feng Shui
  • Bring colour, joy and sheer delight through sound
  • Sound a call for awakening
  • Open and close meditations
  • Invite nature spirits to co-create and play

The descriptions by each set of Tingsha below is by no means exhaustive. Allow yourself to sense, feel and attune. We received the names and qualities in listening attunement.

Each bell and tingsha is handmade with care and in conscious co-creation

Brass Tingsha:


IMG_0795 ‘Joy’ 

Children’s fairy bells –
beautiful christening presents

small 3.5cm diameter each bell  



listen here: Brass small Joy tingsha



  Open to the Light brass tingsha
‘Open to the Light’ 

soothing, softening, lifting frequency,
facilitating healing

4 cm diameter


listen here:  Open to the light tingsha

Doorways to Beyond - large brass tingsha

 ‘Doorways to Beyond’ 

expanding perception – for meditation

Size: large: 4.5cm diameter



listen here: doorways to beyond large brass tingsha



Bronze Tingsha

‘Gateway to the Galaxy’DSC01798

–access beyond the logical mind,
clear mind congestion

3.5cm diameter – small


listen here: small bronze tingsha




‘Space Clearing’ Space Clearing - medium bronze tingsha

Feng Shui Clearing bells,
– clear, cleanse , open , align

3.7cm  diameter – medium



listen here: space clearing bells



‘Serenity’  Serenity - medium large bronze tingsha

Temple bells for meditation and deepening

size: 4 cm diameter (medium large)



listen here: serenity tingsha




‘Divinity’   Divinity - large bronze tingsha

Bliss bells

Size: 4.5cm    large



Divinity large bronze bells




Brass Bell:Letting in the Light - Brass Bell

‘Letting in the Light’

– stilliing, calming, settling

Size: 6cm diameter



Singing Bowls:

small  strong brass travel bowlssmall bowl

size:8.5cm diameter

opening, clearing and expanding the mind,
allowing new possibilites


8.8cm bowl 



shallow strong bowl

small shallow bowl

for meditation, stilling, focus, centering







deeper  brass bowl

warm and embracing this bowl allows deepening and expanding of awareness and invites to inner journeying, reflection & meditation

Size: 10.5 cm diameter


11cm bowl  




made to order:


our gongs are very melodic with various notes and tuneful resonance





gongsample of gong:

41cm = 16 1/4 inch diameter:

custom made gongs from £700

For other custom made instruments, gongs or bowls, see:


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