What an immense weekend! I want to say a huge thanks to Quentin, Gabriella and Heather for facilitating a rich and supportive weekend. Making a singing bowl and working with metal I felt like I really met myself and how I am in my life. I had so many insights and realizations and felt like I could make so much more sense of my life.

As I shaped my bowl I felt that I was being shaped, moving though a deep process that I know will keep rippling out into my life. If you have any idea about coming, I would really say, just do it! Fantastic!’ Adele Robertson, Soul Midwife, Salisbury UK ‘I wanted to thank you for such an amazing workshop, I think it was THE best workshop I’ve ever done (and I’ve done many!). Simply amazing, everyone needs to make a singing bowl ! I absolutely love my singing bowl.

‘Megan Hennesse,
‘I loved every moment of the time I spent with you, and am profoundly grateful to you all for following your callings the way you do. My, what a difference it makes to the world….My bowl has been instrumental in some really transformational work on many occasions.

It has become iconic in our participatory leadership gatherings in the Commission. People’s eyes and souls light up when they hear that I made it with my own hands. It’s like a miracle’. Helen Titchen Beeth, EC Brussels, Belgium ‘ The possibility to make your own healing instrument is rare. The experience of forging with your own hands is transformational in itself. The instruments that result are exceptional.

Book this course, bring your soul-spirit into your hands.’ Tobias Kaye –Devon – Director of Sounding Bowls – tuning the circle ‘Thank you for guiding us in such a profound experience. I had an inkling it was going to be something special beforehand but really had no idea how incredible it was going to be on so many levels.’ L Carpenter I very cleverly chose to attend a Workshop in Co Leitrim last weekend, where I created my very own singing bowl.

Facilitated by Heather Cowen and Gabriella. Oh my, what a weekend. Hosted by Beautiful Moya in a magical space that she envisaged 4 years ago and nurtured into existence with such magic and honouring of nature’s wisdom and bounty. So the process began. A weaving of Possibilities. An exploration of All. Every one? of the 13 beautiful Beings that attended, brought su…ch magical threads to the woven Weekend. Marie of www.themedicinebowl.net


gifted us The Celtic Tree Whisper Cards. And as I picked my card today and sat in the vibration of my singing bowl, I was Transported again to the deepest gratitude for you all. If you get a chance to attend a class with Heather and Gabriella, follow that Beautiful knowing of yours  The Possibility of You.

Helen Geary: nurse & radio show host Thank you for the glorious work you facilitate.

You hold a deep space of possibility for all present and allow each person to open themselves to an expansiveness and fineness in the crafting of the instruments.


Your work is exquisitely tuned and totally unique. Each workshop is a transformational process for all present. I am filled with gratitude for all that you do and especially for who you both be.


Juliana Freeman, Workshop Facilitator   ‘Gabriella Songbird,  Heather, Quentin not only create a space, they hold the space, a place of heart and earth , this is a very special journey not to be missed..deeply touching.


We felt so supported and nurtured throughout, I had no expectation, so lets just say its way beyond our wildest imagination of what it could be. As ARNIE said ” I will be back”!!!! you’d be mad to miss it.’ Steve from Healing Hertz Sound healers, Byron Bay, Australia ( to see Steves picture album from the workshop see here: Click here A short 1min audio feedback clip: sounding the soul by Deirdre Edwarrds

by Dr Anthony Thorley The following was written by one of the workshop participants: Bowled Over By The Singing Bowl Project ‘The Bowl’ Making a singing bowl with QuentinCowen and Gabriella Kapfer

“Held within the circle of Time, we spiral into the depths of experience to find our heart’s song.


Spiraling outward again we journey to touch the edges of our world, to meet another song, from the heart of Life” “The Bowl” is an inspirational creative project, arising out of the work of craftsman and bowl maker Ton Akkerman.

His teaching is something that defies simple description, weaving the ancient principles of a long-held tradition of bowl-making with the powerfully vibrant influences of these extraordinary times. He has taken the art of singing bowl making, as practiced in the East for centuries and originating in the Tibetan monasteries, and brought it forward into our times, carrying on this ancient lineage but giving it a new life that is poignant and vital for our times, as so many new impulses stream into our lives, stirring us to expand the boundaries of our understanding.

When we make our first singing bowl, it is our personal bowl. In my experience the purpose of this bowl is to assist us in finding our own coherence, so that we can begin to really live from a place of being truly ourselves.


My second bowl was a totally different experience, in that from the beginning it was clearly a bowl with work of its own to do; it came through me but wasn’t ‘mine’ in the same way as the first. It was a bowl born alongside other bowls that appeared to be deeply connected to each other and to eternal themes like compassion, wisdom, transformation, unity ……. Working to make this bowl, I experienced a wonderful sense of ease, of selfless connection.


It struck me very powerfully that these bowls are not just beautiful forms or musical instruments …but they are living beings. An experience that is hard to describe until you experience the bowls’ magic.


Taking them home brings yet more magic, as we realize the work of transformation they come to do with and through us, and as we see changes taking place in our lives that reflect the intentions of the work we have done. The making of the bowl is just a beginning ! I believe that this project is incredibly important, but mainly just incredible! as it offers a powerful and unique opportunity for self-fulfillment and service in the same breath.


It gives us the experience of ourselves as makers, but also as alchemists; as we put the metal in the fire that refines and releases and softens, as we stand by while it cools until its ready to be shaped and hammered into the form of the bowl, spiraling into the center of the bowl with our hammer, into the core of our individual truths, then spiraling out again to touch the edge where inner truth meets the greater reality encompassing it.


Always holding our original intention in mind as we work, we also allow openness for change, for the formative forces that work through us from beyond our own preconceptions, to inform our work. After we have polished and refined the finished bowl, we then get to finally sound its note within the circle of participants, and create a field of sound with the other bowls that have been made.


It is a humbling thought that these bowls will live beyond us to bring their gifts… Perhaps most importantly in this process, and hopefully, we are given the remarkable opportunity to experience ourselves as facilitators in one of the most extraordinary moments in human history: (this moment, every moment).


The making of a singing bowl is an awe-inspiring process and I feel deeply thankful for having been called to take part in the project in its infancy. I am also deeply thankful for the insightful guidance of Gabriella and Quentin and Heather who carry these workshops in their individual ways with such nurturing warmth and care and closeness of attention, and who are bringing Ton’s original initiative closer to home for us, as well as taking it a step further, into a new phase …they are true wisdom teachers of the best kind, as well as honest loving friends.


“An empty bowl Has been left at the foot of the tree To receive our tears And offer them up to life again a breeze stirs .. the fire blows warm in a breath Love streams into the waiting bowl And pours itself out again Making from our tears A mantle of pearls For our hearts to wear to the ball …” Caroline Probyn xx

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