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Sound Vibrational Awakening And Healing Through Sound-weaving

Gabriella has developed a vibrational healing modality, which changes lives, can penetrate to the core of a life issue and create a vibrational field of support to assist the changes required Some feedback:
‘Absolutely stunning, heartfelt, changing me, changing everything.’ ‘There’s been a big shift since our session last week I’ve had two really incredible offers of work.’ A.B. Wales mum


Gabriella has developed a vibrational healing modality, which has changed lives, can penetrate to the core of a life issue and create a vibrational field of support to assist the changes required Gabriella creates the music and sound in co-operation with the person’s body intelligence and being employing a vast array of sound instruments

 – many of them hand crafted in her own forge – and an incredible voice that reaches into heaven and earth. with cello, a 4 octave voice, gongs, hand crafted Singing bowls, flutes and other world instruments
The sound weaving is very powerful . 

I have more energy, am drawn to healthy foods and no longer have the craving to go to desserts after dinner. I woke this morning knowing that the first thing I wanted to do was listen to the soundweaving…It feels like a great yet subtle shift is occurring. J.C. writer, consultant NY (session was to increase habits of health & wellbeing)



… a power, depth and intensity I’ve never experienced. I felt I didn’t even require to hear the sound because what was woven and created was so far beyond. .. I had the awareness that coherence can also arise out of disruption… I became aware of a community that has been there all along. 


I am not alone.This was enormous! Michaela.S. Belgium after long distance session Oh my! I stepped out of bed this morning and stood unaided – took 2 steps and was able to stop and remain in balance!!! What a result – could not have done this 3 weeks ago when the sound weaving was created!!!!!!!!!!! M.T. Cornwall, who hasn’t been able to walk and balance from a dropfoot condition that has disabled her: 3 weeks following a long distance session that she worked with every day since her session. 


For 20 years I have blocked my professionally trained voice and been hesitant to dance. Within minutes of my time with Gabriella I opened my voice, heart and body. Many thanks Lisa Berg,( speaker and workshop leader , Califonia).


A session starts with the process of finding, honing and clarifying the core to a person’s process at that particular moment in time. This creates the gateway for the creation of the sounds and sets the vibrational level of where we want to be. 


The sounds assist to release the patterns and energies in a person’s body and energy field that are not in harmony with this level and create vibrational pathways towards the alignment with the new vibrational field of Possibility. Gabriella creates the music and sound in co-operation with the person’s body intelligence and being employing a vast array of sound instruments – many of them hand crafted in her own forge – and an incredible voice that reaches into heaven and earth. 


It can lead you to a place of deep inner peace and alignment with deep soul knowing from which healing and relaxation can spread throughout the body and deep pains, blocks and holding patterns can be released. You may choose to be consciously involved in the journey or just let go and receive a relaxing sound massage which works deep into the cellular structure.

In some instances effects can be immediate, in other cases changes happen over a period of time – as the vibrational field that was co-created allows necessary steps and information to re-align in grace and right timing.
distant healing sound sessions are available by phone, SKYPE, Zoom or other means. Recording of the session is available for continued support.

I have been on a powerful journey through sound with Gabriella having booked 3 sessions with her over 7 weeks. My last session felt like the culmination of this pilgrimage to my highest vibrational self. I shall cherish the recording of it to anchor its gifts further and integrate the ripples of this magical healing. Gabriella is a master at her craft and a clear channel of Divine Love. Deep bow of gratitude to the Universe for making this extraordinary experience possible. Kalyani, Yorkshire

Since we started sound weaving, I have felt an ever increasing connection and need to be in and with nature, and am more aware of the sounds around me. In fact all my senses are being fine tuned, a bit like the short wave radio. And I feel as if I am growing younger than older!!!!!

My ancestors are certainly helping to guide me, and I can see daily how I am breaking old patterns, the session with you was very meaningful and powerful,thank you. Mary T, Suffolk, UK, retired professor


‘First of all with conversation and then with the crystallising power of sound, a new perspective and realisation emerged that was profound and life-changing for me. Thank you, Gabriella, so much for your skill & wisdom which enabled us both to attune to the highest vibration to bring about my transformation.’


Jane Walters, Suffolk UK “What an amazing soundscape of potentialities and possibilities Gabriella wove for me using her ‘sound loom’with shining threads of frequencies… from the start with the thoughtful intention setting…taking my vague thoughts and creating a more solid and focused form to be manifested from the points of sound. 


Then as the weaving began, finding myself floating high above the earth, looking down on the expansive curve of the planet…feeling the rich red-brown tones of the cello pull me to the land…which then transformed into the waters of the ocean as her angelic voice joined in…to be faced by the beautifully fierce but compassionate fiery golden dragon of the Gong – billowing bright golden shards of fire at me from its open mouth…inviting me into the sun, to emerge out the other side soothed by floating flute tones…disappearing higher into the heavens as bright points of light from the chimes emerged in my sea of consciousness…points of potential waiting for me to perceive them…ending with my own sound participation in the creative event of seeing and unlocking those obstacles to moving forward that my mind has created…to perceiving that stuck-ness and physically and mentally moving forward, onward and outward. Thank you Gabriella Songbird for your amazing intuitive insights to provide the perfect frequency keys to unlock my mind doors of self-imposed restrictions. 


Trisha Capetown SA ‘Dear Gabriella,I just wanted to write to say once again a big THANKS for the precious work you did on me. Words cannot convey the grace, wonder and beauty of it! It was an added bonus that you are a marvellous spiritual councellor as well as being a remarkable musician; i will never forget those sounds and how i felt cos it is the most uniquely beautiful healing music i have ever heard! You really inspire me bigtime,thank you!: Since our session i really have felt a shift in my syndrome. So a big THANKS!!!:) Marco – MUSICIAN, Tchech Republic “The session had such a great effect. When I now get into my usual anxiety state where my being is rushing in all directions… I get sudden moments of being drawn right back to my core.


 Everything falls away and I am in that place I found in your healing session – I can feel and hear the sounds again… and everything goes into this strong peace, grounded presence and total integration. Amaaaaaaazing! I am so full of gratitude. It’s like landing from outer space and realising I am in a completely new/different time frame. Things around me go on the same as before and yet they are perceived from a completely new perspective. It’s like a gateway, a rebirth. 


What fabulous work! No wonder you look so happy!” C.P. Ringwood, UK I found our preparatory talk about what kinds of things I’d like to address to be enormously clarifying. The sound part of your work was awesome. I felt the various resonances shaking and pushing the various building blocks of my blockages, and then gentler sounds [shakers like water, thumb pianos, etc] soothing, smoothing and balancing the occasionally harder sounds and forces of the larger cymbals and the cello. 


The cello itself was intense; grinding and sawing away at blocks and pulling deep and rich sounds out of me. My sense at the close was of more “coherence”, and that word has stuck with me. I feel more aligned and coherent. Your work is amazing. ” Michael Metellis, London
‘Gabriella’s capacity to listen from a clear field is evident from the beginning of a session. To have the experience of being heard by one who has a clear heart space is an exceptional gift to receive in a lifetime. Having shared time together to assist in the creation of the intention for the work she calls upon the energy field of intention to enlist her vast team of helpers. With skill and finest intuition she uses a wide variety of instruments – cello, gongs, bells,singing bowls,(many of which she crafted herself), flutes,drums and many others…. And then there is her voice which seems to arrive on a silken ribbon from the unseen realms. 


At this point there is no question we are in a co created field as she seems to weave a fabric through the medium of sound vibration and her own particular field of strength and loving care. It feels as though one is being wrapped in a field of prayer and that prayer seems to go on for a very long time after the session.’ Heather Cowen (musician and cook , UK).. “In my healing session with Gabriella ,through her beautiful songs and the power within the ‘channelled cello music’I found my heart’s desire and recognized my soul’s purpose…and called it Home.


I invite you to share in the magic that begins to crystallize when you say yes to her invitation. Peace is.” De Fano (essence and vibrational healing practitioner, Virginia US)
“Gabriella writes and sings songs of the Earth mother and is guided by spirit. So much transpires/ is transformed when she plays…you are connected to the nature realm and all life. Peace flows and settles your soul.” Dr Katherine Wright PH.D. (Vitability Associates, Virginia US)

“I didn’t know what to expect but I knew that it would be wonderful.Gabriella’s music and toning reached my soul. I even felt that God was singing to me through her, and I was being blessed. Gabriella is unique. An all encompassing love emanates from her!” Valerie Stein, Reiki Master and EFT Trainer, London and Chichester
Colleague Adam Gainsburg describes Gabriella’s work in personal healing sessions as follows:
“sound vibrational healing’ is a powerful and dynamic healing modality that directly addresses the subtle energetic, emotional and astral bodies.


Through a remarkably gifted voice, stirring cello, hand-crafted singing bowls and a host of other sound tools, Gabriella meets you precisely where you are at. She welcomes you with the sweetest love and most intuitive caring into your personalized healing process. 


Opening to your matrix of guidance, Gabriella creates a full range of sounds and tonal vibrations which emanate into your body and the space around you. Time seems to drop away as your body progresses deeper into unifying it’s various energy levels. With this unification , Gabriella’s true gift emerges—the ability to sense or track the precise tonal quality most needed by your body-mind-heart to catalyse opening or releasing. Emotions, memories, out–of-body journeys arise organically from within you.


 New access to your intuition, deeply meaningful levels of information and a quality of loving acceptance are consistent results from working with Gabriella.

She is a profound guide for clearing emotional blockages, opening to unknown possibilities and ultimately helping you to find the joy , clarity and love that is naturally yours to share.” Gabriella’s music is created in co-operation with guides from the angelic and natural realms in attunement with the higher self. It can lead you to a place of deep inner peace from which healing and relaxation can spread throughout the body and old holding patterns can be released, while your mind lets go or goes on an inner journey of revelations….” 

 Gabriella also offers 

 – Generative and youthening processes from: Happy Mouth™ Generative Energetic Dentistry  

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