Sapphra the duo of Sound Weavers


a Duo of Sound Weavers


Gabriella and Heather

Gabriella and Heather both came from a classical music background and both changed direction through experiences with nature. Using their skills and sensitivities they allow the spirit of place and time and all of those present to inspire and inform the soundscape that is woven. Their work with individuals, groups and land has facilitated change, greater awareness and possibilities, relaxation, release and healing.

Their music opportunity to drop into the power and beauty of stillness and the mystery of creation.
With a wide range of musical instruments like cello, zither, flutes with metal sound instruments, singing bowls, gongs, tubular bells hand crafted by Heather and Gabriella in their own forge the duo weaves music that opens mind body and soul, relaxes and creates coherence – allowing listeners to come into greater harmony.
One tone can open to multidimensional ranges of frequency – expanding the listener to a new depth of experience that includes slience and stillness within the vastness of sound…

Where words fall short… sound continues

The name Sapphra was received in an inner experience by our friend Adam Gainsburgh – Astrologer and psychic – who saw that our music was allowing a cosmic golden nectar called Sapphra  to flow onto the earth. We experience the flow of this golden nectar – carried by the celestial bees -when we play. It breathes life into new forms – clearing, cleansing, uplifting and deeply nourishing all who are present in physical and non physical form.

…powered by strong winds from the Ionian waters of Corfu we are captured here with lavender bushes dancing to our music…. summer of 2011…a peace concert at a modern day temple of beauty, love and respect for the gifts of nature … an ancient olive grove….


…. sapphra both inspires and informs our music ….we hope that it serves the evolutionary shift of this wonderful time in the highest possible way.

It is our highest privilege to have ‘tasted’ and ‘sensed’ the unlimited expanse of the gifts of loving co-creation as exemplified when we work in co-operation with all life.

Our work of creating coherent harmonizing  vibrational fields has expanded to balance land, communities, align with time and place and facilitate healing on many levels.

We offer our music for healing, inspiration, meditation, shamanic & soul journeys, assistance to reconnect and align, diving deep into heart opening peace, joy and love, and for the joy of listening….

To book Sapphra, send us an email via:

Our first CD of Sapphric Gold was recorded during one day in August 2011 and came out in 2012:

You can order it through:

Listen here to one of the tracks: Hearts Ease


Sapphric Gold – A Mythic Journey:

…undertake a journey, a mythic journey,enter into the music as a vast, open and generous space.,step into your expanded self….and re-member who you are.

 Others experiences of Sapphra sound weavings:

Appreciation / Feedback:

 ‘What wonderful energies and sounds! They call it a sound weaving concert, it is such an appropriate name as Gabriella and Heather really do weave together with their voices, harmonies, instruments gongs and chimes. It was a truly wonderful evening. They are so in tune with each other,’ Mary Turner , Suffolk, UK

‘I was in attendance at Eden Valley for your event. I loved every minute.I’ve tried to share what it was like and all I end up saying it was “other worldly” and so magical.  The idea that two wonderful, loving human beings could produce that kind  of effect is remarkable.  I have been left feeling much more open and optimistic.Thanks for the adventure.  May you both continue to follow your BLISS and share with the world’. L Maryland USA

‘words do not seem enough to express the beauty that the sound weavers gabriella and heather created in their concert on Friday. this continued into Saturday’s day of sound co-creation. a very deep day that had a sacred feel to it which i am sure continues to resonate out into the cosmos’ Sue, Om studio Northampton UK

‘I did so much love the sounds that you both created and wove together and in fact I sometimes could not tell Gabriella, if it was your voice or your cello playing. Such perfection and true beauty coming through you. It was such an experience I find it hard to describe to friends,it just has to be experienced! Thank you both so much for sharing your creations. I am very familiar with gong baths which I find very cleansing and healing…but this was yet a further journey!’ Mary  , UK

‘i have felt a subtle but profound shift since when we did the sound meditation, and you spoke about seed planting … something dropped in in a bright flash, and I saw it very clearly in a picture for a moment … but then I couldnt access it at all since then, I still cant remember what it was that came in ..! But suddenly from having been for a LONG time totally blocked about painting…yesterday I just started. …suddenly I felt able to again where i have been completely unable! its like someone pulled out a plug somewhere that was blocking the flow ….. just wanted to say thankyou , thats all really. I dont understand how these things work but something does …it felt very shamanic … powerful!’ Caroline Probyn, Salisbury, UK

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