Voice Coaching / Singing Lessons

Gabriella uses an intuitive approach to voice coaching in which she combines her own skills and experiences with her capacity to sense what is going on for another person in their body, voice and breath as they use their own instrument.

Many tools and excercises are being employed to assist the client to releasing blocks, finding their own alignment, connecting to a deeper breath and tone. Gabriella’s singing voice spans 4 octaves in great clarity, purity, subtlety and dynamic range.

She is a skilled facilitator, teacher and guide. Voice lessons / Voice coaching sessions are either 60 minutes and are recommended to be taken as a series of 3 or 6.

60 min £60 series of 3 £165 (instead of £180) series of 6 £330 (instead of £360)

Client’s appreciation:
“In gratitude, I look back to the moment the Universe brought an amazing human being, Gabriella Songbird into my life. She has the wonderful ability to awaken one’s unique sound print, from the depths of one’s being.

A gentle, patient and fully aware teacher, she guided me as to look more deeply into my own self, to become conscious of my own rhythm of breathing, singing and being.

Creating a sacred space in and around on each of our sessions, she takes me on a journey of sound and vibration that reveals new abilities for my musical expression, breaks down barriers that stand in the way of the expansion of myself, as a singer. Her empathy opens up communication from the very beginning, making me comfortable, like being in the presence of a dear friend.

Using her beautiful abilities and knowledge, she has helped me to expand my vocal range and to become more balanced in my breathing and flowing of sound, to become more aware of my own physical body as an instrument for creating music, through different playful exercises and a gentle but firm guidance.

I have become more attuned with the musical side of myself, I feel more confident as a singer and I feel more immersed in the magic of sound and I have Gabriella to thank for. Gabriella, Thank you”

With much Love and Gratitude

Andreea ( who can’t stop singing)

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