Sound Weaving

What is Sound Weaving?

Sound Weaving is a modality of co-creating with the intelligence of all of life through sound as the vibrational tool.

All sound is vibration including silence and inaudible frequencies. Everything in our universe vibrates. Everything has its own unique vibratory rate by which it distinguishes itself.

Imagine a world where you could see and perceive with all your inner senses of perception as clearly as with the outer senses:


Where you saw and perceived vibration, nature spirits, the lines and movements of energy between and around the material things and beings.


And imagine how each sound, each word and even each thought creates a wave and movement in this field of energy – some chaotic and some pulsing with fine geometry…. And imagine sounds that are co-created by many beings of this scene that weave those energy lines into new geometric patterns of great beauty and harmony – facilitating others in that weave to perceive more of who they truly are in the wholeness of this fabric of life!

Imagine the sound creating more coherence in the weave, allowing people to see and receive more of the wholeness of themselves and this field of creation, more of who they truly are and the interconnectedness of all of life and how we can create with it.


This is what Sound Weaving creates: Many people describe feeling more aligned and tuned, something shifted in their field and their body – and over time in their environment and lives.

Those who have been sound weaving over longer periods of time, feel more connected to nature, to life, they feel more part of the whole and their sense of contribution to the whole increasing along with their creativity and creative expression.


They also experience expanded awareness and perception of energetic movements which creates a profound shift in perspective in who they are and what they can contribute to life on this planet.


We use multiple instruments and our voices to create a tapestry of sound and music – tuning in with the hum of the universe, with time space and everything present to create and weave a vibrational field of coherence (integration of diverse elements & relationships), inviting more harmony and possibility of peace and greater consciousness.


An example of Sound Weaving: Click here

The molecules of space begin to vibrate at a different rate. Different possibilities open up.

Since we started sound weaving, I have felt an ever increasing connection and need to be in and with nature, and am more aware of the sounds around me. In fact all my senses are being fine tuned, a bit like the short wave radio. And I feel as if I am growing younger than older!!!!!

The last recording you both did is so powerful and full of such beauty harmony and coherence. It’s so very uplifting.
-Mary T , Suffolk , UK

Where did it come from?

The term: ‘Sound Weaving’ arose when I lived on the island on Iona in 2002.

I was playing with my cello and voice where I perceived how the intelligence of nature, the stones, trees, time and place the island herself and all present were contributing their energy to what sounds would emerge and through the sounding all would come into their next level of harmony and coherence 

(integration of diverse elements & relationships), a greater state of alignment and possibility.
Weaving strands of frequency (and Consciousness) into new patterns within the tapestry of our vibrating universe is how I perceive what is possible when we invite the collaboration of our intention, and our willingness to allow co-creation with the intelligence of nature, Earth, place and time and all that exists in any given moment in and out of time….

allowing sound and vibrations to be created that literally change the pattern of what has been and create different possibility of how reality shows up.

The molecules change, perception changes, the field changes…


Heather prompts Gabriella to speak about Sound Weaving.What is it and how did the name get created? This is part of a series Tales of the Dales. Conversations during winter and spring walks on the lancashire and Yorkshire Dales and Moors in Northern England. There is wind in the back ground joining in the the conversation on a crisp clear winters day,

Here is a recorded conversation with Louise who has experienced and witnessed Sound Weaving in many forms and shares her experiences:

I must just tell you that the effect of the sound weaving on me was amazing. I have been in ‘discord’ over the last couple of weeks and something has been put back in harmony again. Can’t really describe it . I am full of gratitude.R

Excerpt from ‘Journeys with Sound Weaving’ Journeys with Sound Weaving On my journeys I have come across many places and occasions where we co-created a vibrational field with the elements of nature and the spirit of place and time to create a change in the field;

we worked with the smokey mountains in North Carolina, with horses on horse ranches in Colorado and Virginia, and with the weather beings in Arizona a time of severe draught, calling on the ancient ones of the land and the elementals of all elements and weather to co-create a vibrational field that would facilitate both balance and healing.

On this occasion, where I was joined by a local musician with drums and didjeridoo we had gathered a group for sunset on the highplace of a big ranch – some of the local people resident on the land, some native American, others healers themselves….

We co-created the most powerful sound with the elements, the sun, the birds, earth, sky and water and half way through the sound weaving drops started to fall after 3 months of drought.

One of the native women went into a deep trance and told us she perceived the whole event to have been a profound healing experience for the land and the ancestors and had been called for by the ancient ones and we were the ones that had heard the call and followed it.

She also said that she heard me speak/sing several phrases in her own language (not known to me) which translated as: ‘flowering out of the rain’… (the rain continued for 3 months – so beware of asking for balance!)…. Sound Weaving Groups: Throughout 2016 and 2017 a group has been meeting regularly to practice and apply Sound Weaving with incredible results:

Each member of the group describes their life being transformed, where they can be more themselves, be more connected to Nature and the Earth following the language of energy and have a greater sense of contribution.

This inspires us to offer Sound Weaving as a training in the future Other Thoughts on Sound and Vibration :

What is vibration?

What creates vibration?

Where does it begin and what allows it to continue?

Fundamental questions. Thought is vibration, word and sound… In the beginning ,…. was it the word? … was it thought? …was it vibration?… was it sound? … and from where did it arise? The phenomenon of large numbers of meditators being able to change the field of a given area, country or event to the extent that crime rates go down in cities, violence drops, wars stop has been known and proven over many years See here the studies that have been done globally

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People report many amazing things after sound weaving evenings / concerts: i,e, they feel more aligned, a pain has left, in some cases stuff that has been stuck comes out and begins to move, which in the first instance can be a little uncomfortable, or they feel just more peaceful and at ease…. One to One Sound Weaving Sessions:

i offer one to one Sound weaving sessions both long distance and in person with astounding results: go here for more info:

Sound vibrational Awakening, calibration and healing through Sound Weaving

Study about the effects of sound weaving vibrational morphic fields: We conducted a study about the effects of sound weaving in various forms see here for information and possibilities to take part:

study project  
Click here  And finally: What is Sound Weaving? Others Experiences

It is a vibrational space of possibilities…a field of creation that only requires you to enter into.

You will be met by Gabriella and sometimes Heather who will use their musical and sound senses and capabilities to co-create this magical space where transformations occur in both subtle and immediately apparent ways.

How does Sound Weaving differ from a Sound Healing or Gong Bath? A Sound Weaving is a consciously co-creative interaction with a person or a group of people and other beings whereby all participants are invited to engage with the field that is being created through sound and vibration in a way that acknowledges their engagement.

A Sound Healing or Gong Bath is another way of working sensitively with sound and vibration that allows vibrational realities to change.