What is a Sound Wand?

A potent and beautiful Frequency Boost to support your Life and to assist you to live in greater co-creation with Nature and All Beings.


A recorded piece of music – co-created with Nature, the Earth and the Cosmos to bring forward a particular quality and frequency shift that can assist you in the evolutionary process of this time.

Each sound wand assists with greater Earth attunement and the frequency shifts occurring on the wider scale as well as allowing your own alignment to be given the finesse and vibrational attunement you may be asking for.


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For The Continual Nourishment Of Your Whole Being During Momentous Change


For the Dreamers and Co-Creators of a Thriving Planet

Soundwands to calibrate through Times of Change and co-create the  Future​

What would your life be like with the addition of a personally crafted and co-created sound upgrade?


Sound Wand Library

We have a library of Sound Wands. Sound recordings co-created in potent powerful places at potent times – transmitting, focusing and making available qualities and processes that facilitate deep healing, transformation, purification and activation of various aspects of life for this evolutionary journey we are all on that allows us to co-create a Future of greater possibility and thrival



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