Guest Blog by Nita Gage: Close Encounters – Crop Circle Experiences

Guest Blog by Nita Gage: Close Encounters – Crop Circle Experiences

Guest article by Nita Gage: Close Encounters of the Unexplainable Kind

A “spiritual cathedral” was the description of the first crop circle I was privileged to experience in the summer of 2012 in Avebury, Wiltshire, England.

“Profound, mind blowing, my view of he world is turned upside down.” Lee exclaimed as she sat mesmerized in the center of a crop circle.
My friend Lee was visiting me while I lived in England. She is an Americancollege lecturer and generally intellectual and pragmatic, not usually impacted by new age spiritual experiences. I thought she might enjoy going to a crop circle in Wiltshire, just for a lark. I had longed to visit a crop circle for several years, sensing I would have a profound spiritual experience. Lee’s experience was the one I expected to have myself, thinking she might, at best, find it mildly interesting.. Yet it were her eyes that were glowing, her demeanor transformed, energized and yet visibly soft.

I, in contrast, walked away from the crop circle experience, feeling flat, somewhat confused and deeply disappointed that I had not been catapulted into spiritual awakening. I was somewhat embarrassed by my response and chose to keep it hidden from Lee and my other friends that day. Instead I focused on the beauty of the landscape and listened intently to the incredible experience Lee and the others were having.

I was deeply perplexed and curious over the conflicting negativity of my experience with that of the others who found it uplifting and positive Over time, I came to understand my response leading me to revisit Wiltshire and a new crop circle that appeared two weeks later.

My friend Lee returned to America, and I was left to sort through the depression and despair I was experiencing after the crop circle. I dove into research about crop circles and the experiences people have when during their visits. Some people visiting the circles experience physiological effects including heightened awareness, feeling subtle energies, headaches, and a profound sense of peace.

Research conducted with scientist Masahiro Kahata into brain wave patterns indicates that brain waves are affected by proximity to crop circles (CPR Database Ref. # 93-029,073, 079, 080). Spontaneous healings also have allegedly occurred inside crop circles.

“Aha,” I said out loud “headaches! So not all experiences are positive,” I found that somewhat comforting.

In the meantime, Lee called and told me that she was continuing to feel the expanded awareness and deep connection to a spirituality she had never experienced. And it is worth noting that two years later she reports to me that she has continued to be impacted by the shifts in her consciousness precipitated at the crop circle that day.

A few nights after the crop circle visit, I dreamed of being back in that same crop circle. It was a lucid dream in which I stood on the edge of the circle and as I entered it, my dream body shuttered, and I felt my very molecules and DNA dissolve. In the dream I was speechless, no words for the experience, no explanation, yet, I was at peace Floating to the center of the formation, slightly elevated from the ground in the dream I grasped the inexplicable nature of the creation of the crop circle phenomenon, and yet there was no confusion for me in the dream.

In the first moments of my awakening reverie, a message came to me explaining that my reaction of despair was the cognitive resonance of my rational mind seeing “the impossible” manifested in front of me. The egoic attachment to needing everything to be explainable, in that moment crumbled and I was left in a deep sense angst as I sensed the abyss of ‘not knowing.’ Though I have always been open-minded and could intellectually accept strange and unexplainable things in an abstract sort of way, the safety of my skepticism kept me at arms length from allowing full acceptance of mysterious phenomenon.

The crop circle experience trumped my skepticism and on an unconscious level, suddenly everything I thought to be true and certain, no longer was. My false foundation of rational certainty was shattered. I was terrified that day, yet instead of experiencing terror, I collapsed into despair and depression.
The dream gave me a context to talk about my experience and to research it further.

I called friends who work with the crop circles who assured me that my reaction was not uncommon and that I was being blessed with a deep spiritual awakening and breakthrough out of egoic consciousness. I was greatly relieved and knew that the transformative experience would be to return to a crop circle.

Two days later I learned a new one had just formed near Avebury. I went with my friend Gabriella, a crop circle expert and accomplish sound healing practitioner, who had been with us to the first circle.

We arrived and instantaneously I felt the expanded awareness of stepping onto the formation. Electricity shot through me entire body. I sat down and meditated with Gabriella playing her singing bowls.

We were miraculously the only people in the formation allowing us to meditate and sound the bowls without interference. Information seemed to come to me, almost as a download from the formation. I sensed that the formation came from messages deep within the earth.

I felt my body resonate with the energy of the earth, the circle and the air creating an experience of oneness.

We sat a long while, then, in silence, we moved through the entire formation, spiraling through each compartment as though walking a labyrinth.

We emerged, sounded the bowls one more time, looked at each other and knew we were complete with that experience.
Leaving a crop circle for the second time, I too, was for ever changed. Skepticism transformed to curiosity with a touch of discrimination and that shift in perception and thinking continues to impact all parts of my life.

A renewed trust in the not knowing, the unfolding and emerging of existence doesn’t need a rational explanation. In fact, life is a whole lot more fun and filled with wonderment once the need to know cleared out and left space for experiencing the mystery of life on earth.

As I walked away, I asked for a message of guidance from the energy of the crop circle, what I got was this:
“You are charged with bringing others here to discover the wonderment and transformative energy of crop circles.” I knew then, at some point, I would be facilitating this trip to Avebury!

We live in a unique time in history during which the ancient indigenous knowledge and mythology of the past are fusing with the science of the present. Nowhere is this more evident than in the field of medicine. Modern medicine is open in a way it has never been before to alternative and complementary theories based on subtle energy.

Some of these healing modalities, such as Reiki, create patterns and symbols with  frequencies that facilitate healing. Shamanic Breathwork participants often speak of the symbols, sounds and energy experienced during their journey that they later learn are ancient healing energies. 

Healing frequencies are used to shift mind and body. Sound waves create frequency patterns by vibrating particles into specific geometries. Words have vibrations and can change the composition of H2O (Emoto, 1997) .


Many researchers have speculated that energy sound waves may have vibrated the earth and created  crop circles. Others posited that crop circles are created by beings from other planets of dimensions.  Many have observed orbs of lightmoving in patterns over the crops as the formations appear.

There are few unexplainable mysteries more accessible than crop circles. Each spring and summer these enigmatic patterns appear overnight in crop fields, particularly around the Avebury landscape temple in Wiltshire, England. Cosmic works of art, ET communications in sacred geometric format, pranksters’ hoaxes, spiritual guidance or a warning voice from Gaia, whatever your opinion crop circles are fascinating and truly remarkable.  And, for many, life altering!