Exploring Shadow Lands

Exploring Shadow Lands


Wow February has moved with a strong energy – realigning many of us!!!

We hear of the pope resigning – maybe with shadowy motives – meteor strikes and much much more …
I’ve just spent a week in sickness and it’s taken me to a very deep place – slowing down, breathing with the larger breath and letting everything take it’s time and going very deeply into the places that I/ we keep in the unconscious – hidden, allowing the treasures from the qualities I/we are usually afraid of to come forward.

i.e. My hips that have been painful for a couple of years yet nobody could find the cause, I saw them as the portals to the ‘shadow world’ – my own and the collective unconscious – and saw that I was holding them tightly shut with great tension.

Once I made that conscious and invited the portals to open I got a glimpse through the portal. I didn’t expect what i saw; It was violence , murder, abuse.. absolute horrors and I nearly was tempted to shut the doors again when I caught myself and asked myself how and where I need to own these energies. How are they manifesting in and through me whether it’s in thought or feeling or small or big unconscious actions of violence towards myself, others or nature.

I realized that the violence lives in me in many subtle and not so subtle ways and I also connected with past lives of warrior-ship where violence was the norm. When I really felt into the energy in its pure form I noticed that it felt like powerful creative energy that couldn’t find it’s right alignment with life because of circumstances having separated it from Source and in it’s frustration it became distorted.

This gave me a view of compassion and understanding towards anyone caught in the energy of violence and abuse and also for that part of myself.From that place I could invite this energy in me to realign with life and with Source and found myself dropping deeper and deeper – allowing the energy to sink down to the core of the earth. There it could reconnect with the greater Dream of the Earth and with the whole and then rise up again as passion aligned with life.

What surprised me was that this energy was not moving fast. It was moving slowly but with enormous strength and power – like the energy of growth as I had felt it at imbolc described below:
I invite all of us to explore the treasure troves of our shadowlands to see how our most feared parts could become our greatest allies when we can see beyond their expression into their true essence and allow them to realign with the Source within.

Imbolc 2013

Sonwdrops, sunshine, the sound of a bubbling spring, clear water, the first smell of spring.
Brighid is present. It is time. It is time for her return. It is time for the feminine creative power to take on her rightful place as the fundamental underlying energy of creation. I can feel the gentle but inevitable power – like the blade of grass pushing through the tarmac.

In her soft but firm stride that comes upon us like a tidal wave I see seemingly safe known structures crumble. What has been buried below emerges in uncomfortable and surprising finds that need to be dealt with and be given their rightful places in the garment of green that once again begins to spread over the land like soothing revitalizing restoring balm; It is Brighid’s mantle of fertility that allows new seeds to emerge, germinate and grow.