Experience our monthly soundwand meditations


Experience our monthly soundwand meditations

A few examples of monthly Sound wand Meditations:

Soundwand Meditation from September 2018

A few days ago we tuned in with the Earth and were shown that there are huge changes happening with the electromagnetic fields of the Earth, which is bringing up a lot of discomfort for a lot of people individually and collectively.

More and more energies that are not congruent with the new reality that is trying to emerge are being exposed on all levels so that more congruence can be created consciously…

So part of our discomfort might be where we are no longer congruent with what is trying to emerge for the future. This has brought relief and space for re-orientation…

We were shown that inviting the flows – including the golden flows and many other kinds of rejuvinating flows can really assist our bodies and the Earth. You can call on a beautiful being called lady Amrita, who is an amazing high elven cosmic presence, to assist bringing and directing the right kind of energy flows for whatever is required for your bodies, environment or specific places on the Earth.

I have found it so helpful in recent days when my body has required me to stop.

This soundwand was created to invite the flows in total co-creation with the elemental forces of the planet and the cosmos. As you listen you might be moved to sense the flows and direct them either to your own bodies or to places or people that come into your awareness in co-creation with their highest source/being…. You might also wish to ask yourself if there are places in your life that are uncomfortable and if they are beginning to be incongruent with who you are becoming and what is trying to emerge on the planet. And what could you invite the flows to contribute for the incongruent places to receive the attention and steps to bring them into congruence with who you are becoming. Enjoy.

many blessings for a grace filled month of flows that create more congruence

May Peace Prevail on Earth Sound from World Peace Day

from early October 2018 This is an excerpt of a soundweaving we created during the world peace day weekend while we were in a 3day process crafting peace -bowls and working with the question of ‘what would it take to bring the possibility and vibration of peace to the planet?

A vibration that hasn’t really been known on this planet yet – (at least not in the timeframes we know about….) It has been such a powerful and deeply moving weekend, so many people willing to dive deep to allow peace to enter into places that have not been able to conceive if it before…..

I wonder where each of us have places that haven’t known peace – in ourselves, in our environments and lands – that we could invite to open to create a larger space beyond struggle, pain, defenses, separation, judgements, definitions and more…… to allow the possibility of peace?

Could this soundwand contribute?

Enjoy, be gentle and kind….

May Peace prevail on Earth,

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