A grail journey of the heart

A grail journey of the heart

A grail journey of the heart

Many strands make up and move our lives in seen and unseen ways.

One of the more hidden strands that has impulsed my journey of life on a very deep level is the myth and tale of the grail.

The grail has been described as a chalice that holds an energy of light that replenishes, revitalizes, heals, restores and creates indefinite living….. In some myths it is described as the blood of Christ received by Joseph of Arimathea on the cross… In others it is a gift from the angels to assist humanity and countless stories have been created around it.

In my life it was a myth and energy that had a very deep resonance in my being – describing an energy of a source of replenishment and vitalisation that seemed so far yet also so here. An energy that was externalized as a chalice, looked after by a group of men and women of pure heart in its service, the knights of which would go out into the world to assist people and situations that called for upliftment.

When I was a child and young teenager I found myself living in more than one reality. As a child my world was filled with nature spirits and invisible friends, which were not welcomed in the ‘ordinary’ reality, so at some point I closed the door to that. But the ordinary reality was much too onedimensional and scary to fulfil my being, so I opened another door into a parallel reality where I co-created and lived a parallel life. ( I guess one could call it a virtual life, as it happened in my imagination, but it occurred without technology).

So while In the outer world I was growing up with fear and uncertainty trying to learn the rules of this reality to fit in and to minimise the hurt and violence coming towards me, in my inner world, where I spent half of my time I was a character who was totally unafraid and could do anything, change the world, complete feats of what we would call impossible and create change and miracles. In fact I had a gang of youngsters who were part of my team and at certain telepathic signals we could all be mobilised at great speed and translocate to where we were required to assist a person or situation who was in need.

Thus when I started to read and hear about the stories of the knights of the grail, they were seamlessly incorporated into my inner world as a very familiar energy.

When I was old enough in my inner world I became a knight of the grail.

This parallel inner world was a wonderful place to inhabit as everything was possible. No limitations to the imagination and all situations that felt difficult and incomprehensible in the ordinary reality were able to be re-worked and transformed in this inner reality – events were re-written and stories changed – always to create a better outcome.

I lived consciously and actively in both realities until I was 19 years old when I made a decision to put my energy fully into this reality to be fully present here. But since then so many elements of what had occurred in the inner story have inadvertently found their way into my outer life;

In the inner world I had taken on various ‘professions’ and skills – including farming, being a performing singer, being a negotiator and mediator, counsellor in courts and high places…. and a blacksmith – able to create with metal…..

Another 19 years later I reflected on my inner world and what it had given me and realised that many of these skills had actualised in my life in different ways to how they were dreamt up in the inner world but nevertheless here they were: I had trained as a farmer after leaving school, then expanded into music and voice, trained in various therapeutic modalities – negotiating with various inner courts and becoming a travelling troubadour, singing around the world, weaving vibrational fields of possibility and change – mediating and co-creating with energies of many lands and dimensions

so when I found myself sitting by a beautiful campfire in Scotland on a friends’ land with cows joining us as I played music and we shared stories and Ton who was sitting next to me started telling me about his journey of discovery of crafting singing bowls as a coppersmith/ blacksmith I had the very clear knowing that this was one of the vital pieces that was still missing. The smith! It was completely clear knowing that I needed to become a metal smith crafting instruments for the future! YES. The smith! What a gift!

This skill added a whole other dimension to my life – allowing me to not only create vibrational realities and possibilities through sound weaving but also to anchor and birth them into matter / Mater / material form through an alchemical process with all the elements of fire, water, earth, air wood and metal! Another quantum leap, which has given rise to our movement called ‘Resounding Earth’ aiming to resound the Earth with tones, sounds music and vibration that enhance and facilitate the thrival of All of life in harmony with the planet itself. Click here

Only a few weeks ago the energy of the grail was brought back into my field by a tune that turned up in my inner hearing. What was being brought to my attention and awareness?

We spent several weeks attuning with the energies of the workshops and journeys that wanted to be created this year following several invitations. So when a few days later in an attunement we both perceived that energetic of the grail, we enquired more deeply into its nature: I perceived the energy of a new grail like nature created by the World Peace Sanctuary at Allanton /Scotland, where we have been called to return this year. I was shown how their energetic, spiritual and political work for peace has created an energy vortex of receiving and gifting that can enhance, rejuvenate, vivify and vitalize – many of the qualities attributed to the grail.

Only some days later we were attuning with our journey to Portugal, in which Heather was greeted by Earth beings we had met many years before that call themselves The Peace Keepers as they carry a powerful essence of a Peace that is not yet manifest on the Earth but can be invited: Heather sais: I am shown a trail…one that I am taken on by a ‘Peace Keeper’. There is some hurry as I am being shown and lead, by the hand, through the veins of the country known as Portugral, Grail of the Heart. Like light trickles pouring through the cracks and tributaries (like fissures) creating new tributaries through which this gift, this energy can be poured.

The Peace Keeper shows me that there are many hardened edges where, like a dried up sponge, the water simply falls off. The essential energy that he carries as a being of peace is not close to being received… The hardened dried up surfaces of heart and land have very little trace of recognising or openness that would allow a greater pulse or line of life to the essence that he brings of peace…

The Peace -Keeper speaks:’ ….it is that we are of the few that still have access to this essential life gift. We know that there are some in bodies who will, like you, be able and willing to open and receive the gift of this light. We know that the moment may arise in which there is no possibility nor cognizance that this light/essence was available. Should this be so we know that a state of long and dark hardening will have taken its form, like a canker it beckons and shows itself as an indomitable force.

All we ask of you through this meeting is that you each receive a drop from your own vessels, your bodies, that have the action and effect of infusing and stimulating a different possibility to the hardened annihilation of not only our species, but the gift we carry.”

We were also shown how the sound vibrations of our voices and instruments can open communication between seperated dimensions and aspects of Earth and our own being. Thus we are invited by those that call themselves the ‘Peace-keepers’ to open our hearts and beings to a calling from the Earth ; an invitation to the grail-pathways of the heart:

“….This path is indeed a new path of the grail heart. The grail and the heart have always been the same but as often occurs in human story and engagement, the distance from the body becomes great and the gift is in danger of being lost…

So you see now that we are showing you a path to the sacred vessel of the heart of peace. The thread veins you were aware of earlier, as cracks and fissures in rivers, streams and land, were the very edges where unconsciousness has cut off the connections and connectivity of the elements to humans………..

Ignite and alight the grail pathways of the heart- you’ll find not only gold, but love, as an essential gift of peace lives there also.

[This is no heroes path. This is a delight filled journey for engaging the consciousness of the elementals and firing up the sparks of peace!]”

(from a recent attunement with ancient ones called ‘the peace-keepers’ received by Heather for our journeys in 2019)

So here we are now extending that invitation to all who feel called by this:

The drop of sound that each hammer strike brings forth is neither an antidote nor cure for the ailments of this world. It is a gesture, pure and simple, that has intrinsic beauty and harmonic peace ever present within its nature….”