The Golden Floes – Co-creation part 2


The Golden Floes – Co-creation part 2

The golden Source-pools and the invitation from the islands and the west coast flows


This is the tale of our journeys in 2018 – beginning with our attunements in late 2017 that occured in preparation for 2018. It gives a little insight into the way we work with attunement and co-creation with the energies and spirit of time and place as well as the evolutionary impulses coming towards us; I shall write more about co-creation and what it means in another blog: see co-creation 1 For now enjoy the ride:


Phase 1 Preparation and Attunements

When in October 2017 we first asked about what might wish to be created through us and with us in 2018, a very vast vista opened up to show us a place in world events:

Amongst the energies showing themselves are mountains a volcanic range.  ‘It is to the islands that we must go: The island and also Ireland.’

Something is occurring that the islands know about. They know us. It is the season of the Big Seas.

Iceland also reveals itself as keenly awake to the ripples of awakefulness.

Hawaii is hot and engaging with us energetically . (Are we being shown these islands for specific reasons?)

We are shown great movements in many levels of the waters and the mountains – lands literally moving and travelling as the seas carry them away… The islands are the wee tuning forks and building blocks for the new creations. Delicately placed and poised to be at the direct effect of massive earth changes and also to develop emerging technologies.

… a Massive silver sea serpent with green gold large eyes of incredible potency – stimulating much in the ancient rainbow nations.

… the Earth is about to enter a period of 5 t0 8 years of immense rearranging. The volatile spaces are the densely populated ones.


‘ Watch the west coast flows


These will indicate a directional shift of massive proportions and the fallout will be huge.’ …..The great white whale enters … we are  thrust face to face with a truth that must not be ignored nor run away from. It is ancient and it is new . This whale is inviting us to sing and swim with its great tidal seas and frequencies – asking us, no showing us – the way to create a more direct bridge of knowing the creatures of the vast lagoon known as sea.

The great white cloud and the great white whale they beckon and stir… ‘Welcome them each into your team as they step and ease their way forward to offer their energies and vibrate more fully through material….The mountains and the sea……’

post image

This attunement brought in an energy that made us aware of planetary changes and we became keenly present with the questions of our own steps and actions that could be a contribution within these larger movements.

Later that month I had the following perceptions:

 ‘I can see that certain places are calling us. There is a timing for each place. Each one creating a new tone as it receives a new tuning through the sound and co-creation – creating a kind of melody line – a song.

This song has a certain sequence that will be recognized. The tune / melody determines what can occur next as the planet retunes itself.

I see the other planets in the solar system responding to the Earth’s tune changing….’


Gold and Orkney

In November 2017 it became clear that the metal and energy of Gold was asking for our focus in 2018.

We had worked with silver and its consciousness and energy for most of 2017, creating silver instruments and tools of amazing alchemical energy – even shifting timelines.

Now it was time for gold: We perceived this as a very deep invitation,

We perceived that without gold, the water of the rivers flows with less vitality, as if the traces of gold carry vibrational codes of Earth’s song running through the blood of the Earth.

Tuning in with Gold I experienced a space where everything can co-exist without exclusion – beyond density, beyond the illusion of separateness – there was interconnectedness, the experience of Oneness while there is Allness.

Wow – everything can relax and expand; with breath, flow and space…Heart-space.Connectivity facilitating embodiment!’


We sensed very quickly that gold was asking us into a deep journey with its own wish to evolve at this time, to be freed from the overlays of power and ownership, the separation, the diminishment. It was asking to be seen and received in its true nature and freed to be that and evolve with all of consciousness.

The land of Or stepped forward: The island of Or-kney.

Thus began the preparation to gather a group of people to work with gold and the consciousness of gold on Orkney.



The Golden Source Pools –  Donegal, Ireland

In early February 2018 when tuning in with an invitation to Ireland we were rumbled and viscerally shaken by an energy that we came to know as Danu the goddess of the Tuathe de Dannan of the Emerald Isle stepping forward to greet us.

She asked us to stop thinking, stop any notions and just Be who we truly are.:

At some point she even spoke to and through Heather in a soft Irish accent with an energy that made us sit up and pay attention:

‘Stop thinking so you can hear me!
Drop your fancy notions so we can hear you!
Drop the doing!

You are always welcome here!’

She takes the drum to clear…

This is truly the land of the ear … (Eire)



Allow yourselves to hum with us all here and from the hum you’ll find yourselves at the energy and pitch of a truly deep penetrating thrum.
When you find the thrum you’ll be able to speak and we’ll be able to hear you!
You know you can vibrate high from the deep deep thrum.
In these lands that’s what it takes for you to come.

Dress down,
dress down,
dress down. . .”

In Heather’s vision many doorways appeared – many were ready to greet us and meet us from all realms…

You have many friends here….! Even the skeletons are coming out of the closet to greet ye!’

And then a giant being opened and invited us.

Right at the very core of the giant mountain library… not guarded… is a pool – a pool of golden energies.


Some of your folk tales speak about a golden egg.
There isn’t one.
It’s a central pool of golden energies.
We don’t hoard it.
We don’t guard it.
So many tales against us, so many tales untrue.
This land is not for fighting for, that’s a misconstrue.
The golden pool has always been here.
The only thing that closed to it, is you.
It is the heart of the land.”

The giant was now conveying and emanating the pool-like golden energy.

‘There are many tiny wee folk (and Beings) for whom this is the nectar and the honey pot. They know it is the Source of who they be and what lives at the centre of everything. Its not regional or local, it’s an energy. Here it resides and is cared for. Here it is given the space to be and to flourish. It’s a source of the golden nectars.’

What we witnessed was that the Beings who came to the pool received a continual nourishment from bringing themselves there to the edge of teh pool and taking rest and sipping from the energies available therein … and in the same breath/moment/action as they were receiving the poo was also being replenished and nourished through the giving continually occurring.

This may have no physical substance in this dimension but is energetically alive and  present as though it does. We know that it resides both in the mountain and with ourselves.. . . it is through our coming together that the golden energies are enlivened, stimulating and creating the connections of the many points of light that are re-enlivening the Earth. 

You have to come and find it, for ye to truly Be.’

An invitation to enter into communion with this mountain and this energetic source-pool and to bring people who will come and reconnect with this golden nourishment…..



Gold  – Bees – the Humm

 Bee the hum, and the thrum to activate the nectars and golden energies in ourselves and the land….

post image

In a February 2018 attunement we saw fissures in the Earth cracking splitting, cold …. And then became aware of a large gathering of people in Bulgaria celebrating the festival of honouring the bees with ceremonies and lighting fires.

Heather saw on the inner planes how the fires and energy of the many people honouring the bees allowed the energy of the bees and the golden nectars to flow into the Earth and warm the fissures and cracks – softening what had hardened – enlivening , energizing, warming and allowing beings and energies that had frozen, hardened and gone into stasis, to waken….; It even assisted the Earth energies themselves to awaken; bringing currents, pathways, dragon lines, dragon energies waking from a period of dreaming.

This is showing us that we are invited to reactivate, in-spire, breathe fire, warmth, sapphric sounds together with the bees – facilitating the flows…

‘The encrusted layers are being broken up… Something is emerging now that has a larger rhythm. An eonic rhythm… Something that was hardened is becoming fluid again… Breathe gently with force. Awaken the inner fire.

Come together , look to the bees, the flower, pollination, communion – gifting and receiving – sexual fluids….. nectars flowing… gifting, enlivening.’

Wow – a different expression or aspect of the golden flows… – the theme for this year!



Phase 2

The Journeys - Aktualizing

South West England – April 2018

The winter dragged on…. cold, hard, wet, dark, extended…. Spring was very slow to emerge in 2018……

When we finally start travelling after this very long somehow depleting winter, there is joy and opening, movement and momentum as we start our first work in Devon with the emerging of spring – rekindling the alchemical fire that assist to birth new vibrations into physical form.

Our second port of call, Cornwall asks us and all who are with us to activate the inner and outer fires in the face of recurring cold, wet and wind as over the mayday weekend we forge chalices and swords – vessels that can be, invite and remind us of the golden Source-pool energies inside and out…..

Some of these travel with us to St Nectan’s Glen, an amazing waterfall within a magical glen; We get there just as the gates close (we didn’t know there would be gates) but the lady who is about to close the gates recognizes something in our energy and lets us through to be on our own with the falls in the glen for about 20 minutes – as long as it takes for us to enter into communion with these waters, filling and sharing the chalices, sounding our joyful communion.


Then on to the Glastonbury springs to create alchemy with the waters of the red and white springs with gold, silver and copper, zinc and tin…. – enlivening the nectars of life. At the lions head we can literally taste the alchemy that changes the water and its taste as the water flows through and is received in different metals, bowls, chalices…. A visiting stranger joins our explorations and is blown away by the magic and joy showing up. It made his day….

The sunrise on Glastonbury Tor marks the end of this first southern part of the journey… the first rays of the sun received by the chalices and shared by the gold, silver, titanium and copper instruments – ringing out through the land…. Nectars.



Ireland – Northwest Donegal May 2018

It is May. Ireland is now calling. With a beautiful group of sound weavers, we become the drum, the hum and the thrum in deep connectedness and communion with the land and the golden Source-pools. The land had clad itself into gold – gorse flowering abundantly everywhere. We recognized the mountain from our attunements immediately. We hadn’t met it in body before.


As we approached it towards the evening of our arrival day- having driven across the whole of Ireland – it greeted us by showing us the golden pool through a long moment of the sunset light reflecting in a lake at its foot as a completely golden shimmering pool. Wow!

And a few days later as we as a group are becoming an instrument of communion with the golden energies we hear that on the other side of the earth Hawaii’s volcanoes are erupting and changing the face of the islands. Wow, did the Hawaian islands not speak through our attunement back in October? Here we are following the west coast flows….!!!

Form our deep communion we feel moved to attune with the forces that move the tectonic plates, Earth shaping forces of magma, fire and liquid rock…. They seem to become aware of us as we sound from the deep thrum vibrating high – standing on another fault-line – inviting co-creation….

I was nearly shocked and deeply moved when I became aware of the consciousness of these Earth creating forces becoming aware of us, turning their attention in surprise of a different possibility. In return as our thrum deepens I sense the response of a welcome invitation for us to bring our consciousness into communion with theirs to allow the possibility of humans becoming a part of co-creating even the surface of Earth.

What energy what space what consciousness and invitation can we be for the earth shaping forces of Earth to co-create WITH us as we align with the Source pool energy of the golden nectars that vitalize the planet and all of life?

Many stories could be told from these days – and will but that is for a different occasion.

Our journey next brought us from north – western Donegal south to southwestern Donegal – staying on the coast while crafting alchemical instruments – first with a group largely comprised of nuns transforming doctrine and old structures into what sings true within them… and then an international group from Europe and Australia for whom the dolphins showed up in the bay!!!, the walls of the ‘oratory’ our meeting space expanded and transformed its molecular make up – creating a much larger lighter space….

And stones on the beach opened and spoke, allowing them / us to come into an experience of true communion and alchemy, where the molecules of matter change through conscious engagement.

Danu was right. Ireland and all the beings welcomed all of us into a deeper communion than what we had known before.

Before the west coast flows guided us up towards the The Orkney isles in Northern Scotland, we had a gathering in southern England – Bedfordshire – weaving some of the strands from Ireland into a new tapestry.


Clophill England: June 2018

An eclipse fullmoon gathering with sound around a large fire bowl recalled another attunement from the winter in February, when we were shown the event of the bees be honoured and celebrated by humans able to create the energy flow that warms the Earth and allows softening and flow where cracks and fissures had hardened. The fire was very powerful and created a similar invitation. When suddenly the fire jumped out of the big firebowl into the dry grass below and burnt on the Earth below the bowl we perceived the energy being received by the rootsytems and myceliums and taken far and wide through the Earth, Inspite of dryness the fire in the grass stayed close to the firebowl physically but energetically we perceived it travelling throughout the planet – opening, softening and impulsing….

above Viola Clark’s image of the fire, the firmament and the golden flows moving through the Earth below

Now it was time to travel north.


Orkney: July 2018

The island welcomed us with warmth sunshine and roses. A large group of gold alchemists was about to arrive. All women … All who had responded to the call were women – carrying the energies of the bees, the nectars, the flows….

The week before our arrival our venue went through big stress as several of the helpers lined up to assist with this week had decided to leave, leaving a critical gap, but in the last minute this gap was filled by the most magical people imaginable – a house angel trio completely in resonance and alignment with the gold frequencies and totally contributing to the alchemy – making a total number of 21.


Several new golden vessels were forged, and other golden alchemical tools were crafted through smelting and melting and re-forming of both river nuggets and old golden objects being released of their form and invited into a new purpose and relationship.

As the one handling fire and crucible I was deeply moved by each moment when the current form of a piece of gold melted and underneath a crust of impurities a glowing pearl of liquid light gold emerged.

When at its most liquid light state, the gold would always become a round sphere of liquid light. – Looking into its eye was like looking into a bright golden sunset… alive – gifting , hugely generous and deeply moving right into my core.

And at that point having given up everything it had been before , spending an eternal moment in its liquid essence form it was willing to take on a new shape, energy and task as it re-crystallized again either through cooling slowly, finding a moulded form or allowing water to co-create a new shape for and with it.

A freeing of the spirit of gold – inner and outer alchemizing.

The work was deep and far reaching – written words are not enough to carry the energy of what became possible – but all of us left being imbued with golden flows – a liquid gold coursing through our veins and consciousness and our awareness of how we can assist it to move through the veins of the Earth and her consciousness to become available for other beings and people as the nectars and flows of vitalisation.

We were especially moved to gift gold energetically and physically to water and experienced the changes of softness and cleaning becoming available in water…

What would it be like for water to begin to re-member it’s true state of being so hidden below vast amounts of pollution energy and memory information it is carrying physically / molecularly and energetically …..

What energy, space, consciousness and vibration of the golden flows can we be and contribute to water and it’s ability to cleanse and transmute toxic substances and information and recall its pure state of clear vibrational life essence that can nourish and vitalise all of life!?


Iceland:  August 2018

In our early attunements Iceland came forward as one of the islands asking us to be with and while attuning with Orkney and in preparation Iceland become stronger: An invitation to follow the work with Gold on Iceland with being present with fire and Ice on Iceland in the wake of the golden ripples….

We experienced Iceland as the land where the Earth shaping forces are completely present and alive:

Geo thermal activity of alive magma, volcanic activity, hot boiling mudpools, Ice, glaciers, floods created by galciers melted through magma rising from below…

The Earth is alive and always changing! Tectonic plates constantly moving.

A constant possibility of volcanic eruptions and activity – changing the land, the landscape and lives…. So you meet lava landscapes that are young – more like moonscapes – bare and barren – then stretches of land where the first mosses have arrived on the rock, creating an ecosystem that allows other species to arrive: The Icelandic birch trees, ferns, shrubs and birds… and what new species might be invited and able to arrive here in this place of the new? … evolutionary possibilities…

– a landscape where the New is received and invited – as through a portal at the crown of the Earth.

New molecules can form / appear, new substances and possibilities be conceived at this ‘roof of the world’ location.

We were shown that the consciousness that can assist new vibrational possibilities and realities to be received, perceived, birthed into form and distributed is catalysed by gold… This is what all of us were creating together on Orkney.

One of our High Elven guides asks us all to:

‘Be the fineness of perception that allows you to notice when something new is being created and when something old wants to be transformed. Be the broadcasters with the least amount of mental constructs. Less mental constructs allows easier access to the flows. Consciousness joining the flows becomes a catalytic force of transformation’

She shared that the flows have changed. Some of them who have been dreaming a new reality into being are no longer dreaming and waiting. The flows of their creations are now moving and their roles are changing.

They are always available to any of us if we wish to call on them.

While on Iceland we tuned in with the land of Iceland, dragons, whales and our teams… and were shown that the time and place was optimum (as usual – not consciously planned by us). The 8.8.18 timing -called the lions gate seemed to be an event and gateway of cosmic proportions that was ideal for us to utilize to invite a new possible reality through this portal of Iceland – a land that literally facilitates the arrival of new life forms and vibrational possibilities onto the planet. We as 8 (with so many others all over the planet and beyond) were asked to be the invitation and allow them to flow around the whole Earth with the golden flows.

So many others very present with us.

We were prompted to recommit to aligning with making choices for and with the Earth and to co-create Earth’s future with her. The copper, gold and silver instruments and vibrations all had their parts to play. The volcanic and Earth shaping forces of fire, magma, ice, lightening and elemental energies e.t.c.. became part of the co-creation. For those of you who were with us in Ireland and then on Orkney you will remember the power of the invitation from these forces for us to co-create WITH them (rather than be at the effect of or defending from them). Please continue to include them in your work with the golden flows……

golden floes

There is a sense that through this whole period of our time and work both on Orkney and Iceland something has really shifted on the planet.
Thank you all who have been a part of this and lets continue.

We saw and experienced together on Orkney that gold can assist the being of water to regenerate – especially as the golden flow activation – helping water to neutralize and even transmute toxic substances. We also perceived that the golden flows can assist the Whales in the deep seas. We can call on dragons to assist taking the flows around the earth to break up the drug induced density of unconsciousness and anti consciousness.

What energy of creation with the gold can we all now be to truly invite this world to become a life supporting thriving reality of co-creation with the Earth?

Can we be the emanators of the gold frequency in our daily lives?

Can we engage with the elementals to literally create new ways of being?


From the Iceland journey we entered into a big gong making experience – crafting instruments that embody and vibrate some of the energies that have become available through the very northern isles, where the atmosphere is clearer for new energies to enter into the planet. The new copper gong is allowing the element of copper to be free from projection and together with the golden and silver flows assists us to access ourselves and everything else from beyond projections. It has been created with the energies of the golden flows, the call to the higher selves of all Earth inhabitants and the song of a potential future so beautiful we would not wish to miss it. So lets co-create it!!!

The golden flows are now travelling around the planet and we have been told that they are contributing to a lot more being exposed for a while – both globally and personally -, so we might be faced with energies and parts in ourselves that we have been hiding from ourselves – tucked into obscure corners of our beings and bodies. And similar on the public front.