Embracing Source

Embracing Source

Embracing Source’: This live recording is a unique and sacred experience , a journey into our true self beyond life and death. The inspired sounds with cello, voices and singing bowls call our elements to unite with Source in realms of wholeness and bliss.

“Gabriella’s voice calls the soul, guiding, receiving, loving, caressing, creating an energy field of pure love and light. The cello accompanies her with gravitas and noble resonance, honouring life on Earth and all the gifts we receive.

‘This is truly a remarkable composition.

Its intention is to help us all in transitions through life, death and beyond. It can be played at any time we have the desire to reconnect with Source. It can also be used specifically in preparation for the release of our spirit and to accompany a loved one’s dying process.

The idea for this CD came to me when my mother was dying. I sang to her tenderly and sweetly, which seemed to ease her passing enourmously. Gabriella’s voice and intention encapsulates everything I envisioned and much more. I hope many souls can gain comfort and peace from this wherever they are in their journey.

Caroline Shaw (Co-producer)

Listen to samples

The Pathway Opens

The Soul’s Calling

recorded live in Cranham church/ Glos February 2009
mastered by Paul Libson
produced by Violet Diamond (Caroline Shaw & Gabriella Kapfer)
Music by Gabriella Kapfer with backing vocals by Jehanne and Rob Mehta (www.jehannemehta.com/earthwards.htm)
contactsgabriellasongbird@gmail.comcarolineshaw@clara.co.uk in association with Felicity Warner   www.soulmidwives.co.uk

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Feedback from Listeners to ‘Embracing Source’

“Dearest lovely Gabriella,You have been designing music with the clear intent to help humanity to transition to another state of being, in the broadest sense of what transition means.

The overall concept, as I understand it, is about embracing source energy again, what would be considered ‘death’ in old human terms, however it does not need to be defined anymore in that way and can be broadened to a new definition without set boundaries.I would like to share what happened to me when I was going through the music that you made for that purpose.

The first songs made me calm down, ease into a balanced state of just listening, getting down to bodily and mental relaxation. I felt that the music was then inviting me to close my eyes and to just bathe within the sounds that you generate with voice and instruments.In the process of getting my eyes closing, the only remaining part was this thin line of music and that did not leave me throughout the complete cycle of your CD.

It felt like a thin thread of sound built out of waves of magnificent colors, not too present, but just present enough to hold on to without effort. I allowed myself to sink within a kind of altered state of disconnecting that I would like to define as total stillness, walking upon the path of a musical wave, undetermined and undefined.

Then I dropped in a field where no energy is present, no movement is detected, it carries no word to express, emptiness filled with everything and nothing. I was visiting a black hole carrying everything and nothing, and the laws of humanity are not applicable there, it is another world all together.

The best description of the workings of that world would be that you, as a soul, can redefine the continuation of your path. That world feels like the origin of ‘you’ where you can make a new choice out of the infinite pool, even in the in-determination of what that is. Your music, always present and non-present, has been like a bridge into descending into that world, redefine purpose of ‘what-is’, and allowing me to come back, within the same reality that I left just one hour before. It feels like a tool for transcending realities without having to physically leave the body anymore and generate a new opportunity within a next life cycle.

As the music brings you back into the earthly here and now, things have been rearranged to be expressed in your life and what that is needs to be experienced, however the feel of the journey is one of a profound transformation.The music is the thread that allows you to come back and as such is – in my field of experience – a huge gift to humanity for further exploration of life in its creative force.

I sense that this is one of the great universal gifts that you bring back to humanity for the sake of expansion into the total divinity allowing us to remember here how to transform disharmony into harmony, because as we redefine our choices, we redefine our capability of recreating paradise on earth through the power of being who we truly are.Your work is truly about weaving worlds, and this part of it stretches it even more into areas of galactic nature, allowing being the true creators of life that we are and reactivating parts of our dormant DNA from within.In gratitude and respect for who you are ! “Komaya