Sapphric Gold


Sapphric Gold

Celebration for the sound-weaver duo Sapphra; Heather and Gabriella


Our first joint CD ‘Sapphric Gold’ has been completed –
the sound frequencies wanting to assist in this powerful time of transition, change and awakening:
The name Sapphra was received in an inner experience by our friend Adam Gainsburgh – Astrologer and psychic – who saw that our music was allowing a cosmic golden nectar called Sapphra to flow onto the earth. We experience the flow of this golden nectar – carried by the celestial bees -when we play.

It breathes life into new forms – clearing, cleansing, uplifting and deeply nourishing all who are present in physical and non physical form. It raises the frequency and creates a field of coherence and beauty, within which alignment and healing can take place
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The Music Of This Recording Was Played Through Us In One Magical Day In August 2011.

Deep Plant Spirit Medicine Journeys And Profound Experiences Of Interconnectedness With All Life Of Many Dimensions Preceded The Recording Day We Offer Our Thanks To The Plants And Many Kingdoms Of Nature Who Co-created And Inspired.

This Inspirational Sound Weaving Is A Creative Expression Of Love And Partnership Between Humans And All Of Life To Assist In The Evolutionary Shift Of This Time We Offer This Music For Inspiration, Meditation And Healing, Massage, Shamanic & Soul Journeys, Assistance To Reconnect And Align, Joyful Celebration Of Life, Opening The Heart To Peace, Joy And Love, For The Enjoyment Of Listening And Beyond….the Music Of This Recording Was Played Through Us In One Magical Day In August 2011.


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