Thoughts and Resources for the times of lockdown during Corona

Thoughts and Resources for the times of lockdown during Corona

During this incredible time of everyone being in a different space than ‘normal’ all over the world, where the ‘normal’ we knew may not return in the same way, what is it we are asked to be and create to allow all of us collectively to emerge into a world that is functioning more from love, kindness, joy and interconnectedness of All Life and Earth rather than a world of fear, separation, isolation, control and so called ‘safety’?

My own experience of this lockdown is one of beauty and joy – mixed in with pangs of anxiety about current political developments that are grist to the cauldron of transformation.

I am sensing myself in the right place for this time – in some way outside of time – I had a strong knowing that I needed to be in Portugal at this time, not in England and I arrived here just before the lockdown. I feel totally supported by nature and the community around able to give my contribution and do my work. In some way it has been such a gift to know that I don’t have to think of the next journey, I am just here, we plant a garden, seeds, plants and trees for the Future, grow vegetables to nourish and be present with the land and the bees.

From there I have the space to forge alchemical instruments that are huge assistants in this transformational journey – quite a few have been commissioned as alchemical tools for this time – and create sound in co-creation with nature connect for the world.

-. Our small band who work with the bees decided early on to perceive ourselves as one household / family so we could continue the work with the bees at this vital time of the bee cycle. So we have been getting many bee homes ready for new swarms – many of which have been filled with new bee colonies in the last few weeks.

After last autumn’s massive bee dying in this area the bees have surprised us with a huge come back in many vital swarms from those colonies that survived. Many swarms found the homes we prepared for them and some even chose treehomes of their own choosing…They have been showing us the amazing possibility of a vital comeback after a drastic demise – teaching us about death and rebirth as a natural cycle… I wonder what we can learn from the bees?

If you are interested you can find my Click here

In my learning from the bees I receive so much about the hum of Being – where we as a group learn to move like a hive…..

There are the ones who fly out into the land to collect pollen, nectar, resin and water…. And with the flightpaths and flower meetings enliven, pollinate and gather nourishment, while those in the hive create the alchemy in the dark of the womblike cauldron, the transmutation of nectar into honey, pollen into pollenbread, resin into propolis and wax and more… The hum – sound of creation!

What alchemists oftransmutation are we globally being asked to be at a time where society is going through a cryssalis stage of dissolution and change?

What imaginal cells do we need to empower and uphold in the face of destruction and breakdown?

What Future do we wish to co-create?

What is each of us invited to create and ignite that can shift the collective towards a Future that we all would love to be a part of?

Being in the very local but international environment I have done much research independent of mainstream media and am very aware of so much of what is going on in the world, in various countries and worldwide. With global awareness I have been moved to work energetically and alchemically through sound, the forge, meditation, inner work, trauma release work, Ho-opono pono and the work with the bees, assisting to create wellbeing and wellness.

What’s going on politically behind the scenes?

In my research concerning the pandemic I have been following the energy of where I am guided to look, which has been mainly independent research and media, where I also learnt quickly, that all major public media outlets are now owned by the same few companies that all promote a similar narrative that justifies a prolonged lockdown/ state of emergency , which means also a suspension of civil rights, which has resulted in a lot of independent research and voices being censored and made unavailable, a powerful move towards world control by whoever might have that motivation. Stopping the freedom of speech, the freedom to gather and quite a few other constitutional, civil and human rights – some researchers who have seen what’s going on behind the szenes of the lockdown, where 5G is still being rolled out (without possible protests) discovered that surveillance / tracking of movement is being installed through cellphone technology and next on Hmm – a very worrying scenario of an Orwellian society of total control – an agenda that seems to be rolled out with surprising speed and precision beyond individual governments.
the agenda, biochip tracking technology within vaccines…that might become mandatory – of course all ‘for the Good and Safety of The Public’

Hmm – a very worrying scenario of an Orwellian society of total control – an agenda that seems to be rolled out with surprising speed and precision beyond individual governments.

A possible ‘reset’

On the other hand we have an interrupt of a society that was consuming and destroying the planet, Now a re-orientation is becoming possible to values we hold dear rather than simply ‘return to ‘normal’. Many people spend more time connecting with Earth in their garden or allotment, meditate and educate in new and deeper ways. I hear of innovative initiatives, caring people in times of crisis. This time seems to give us the opportunity to reconnect to what is truly important and of true value, like human connection, stillness, connection to Nature and Earth and contributing to a much bigger picture… And it seems to really require us to become clear about what we hold dear, what are our deeper values and how can we live by them.

Might we also be invited into a greater alignment with the greater cycles of time that our whole Earth and Solar system are moving through? Might these changes we are seeing part of these greater cycles? And what can we do and be to align and contribute?

There are also those who are suffering in isolation or those who are suffering within the confinement of domestic abuse, which has risen dramatically in certain sectors of society and countries – making those issues of ‘isolated’ units more acute.

In homeopathy there is a principle for healing, where sometimes when an organism has been in a chronic state of sickness, which means the illness had become ‘normalized’ and no progression towards healing was possible, one has to induce the acute state and symptoms of the disease, where symptoms momentarily get worse and amplified, so that from there a movement towards healing and change becomes possible with the right input to support the organism to self regulate, heal and evolve to the next level of wholeness.

Could it be that now Collectively we might be at such a point in time, where many symptoms of what is out of balance in ourSo within all this we seem to be presented with an amazing opportunity of a ‘reset’, from where we as an organism could choose a different trajectory and Future!

Some even speak of an advanced and more ‘ascended’ way of being with the planet and each other.

What could that be like?

To stimulate this re-evaluation of our lives on individual and collective levels Charles Eisenstein has written a beautiful essay with all the topics and questions that are asking us to look at the choices we have been living from and that we are seeing the effects of and that will need to be redefined

So what would be the ‘input’ required that would allow our superorganism of our world society together with the Earth and all of Earth’s inhabitants to move towards healing / wholeness and thriving?

And what can we be and do to create a Future we desire and the journey to co-create it in grace and beauty with the intelligence of All of life and the Earth herself?

Vibrational alignment and co-creation

We have been working with co-creation – inviting the intelligence of our invisible guides and helpers as well as the intelligence of nature, plants, trees, insects, bees……. and Earth for many years.

What can we contribute and co-create together at a time like this where we are in the big changes – with wars being waged in many areas and dimensions….?

We have put together some resources from our own work and that of others we have followed and admire.

Some Resources to to navigate the waves of these times and all that is arising while creating well-being and aligning with a much bigger galactic wave.

We have created a library of sounds and Sound vibrational meditations and co-creations with nature – enlivening soundfiles and videos, sound meditations and co-creations to assist and contribute to this time…..

Sound to align, heal, lift and transform, our soundcloud channel has lots of sound wands and uplifting sound contributions:Click here

U-tube video library of sound meditations and co-creations

bells to activate, ignite and enliven: Bells created from the humm

Bells to support bees and trees – breathing prana into the web of life

Singing Bells

Bowls and bells to assist Earth energies Singing bowls as evolutionary tools

Online SoundWeavings

Other Resources

So now more than ever being in a vibration of gratitude and joy and creating from what we have is a most powerful starting point.
When we see things in the world that trigger us, more than ever we might wish to practice Ho-opon pono or shadow work, where we take responsibility for our part of whatever triggers us, – asking ourselves: ‘ where might I have co-created or am co- creating this situation in the past or present in whatever large or small way?’ -Whether its cognitive or non cognitive we can allow and embrace that part inwardly and invite it to come back into wholeness…I’ve created a Ho-oponopono bowl and a small Ho-oponopono video here: Click here

Trauma and Nervous System Release:

And when we come across tension and fear, also know that some is ours and a lot is not, but we have the opportunity to transform and release it for the whole and for those who are in much worse conditions…. Doing practices that bring us back into easeful flow with life. These can be practices of total presencing with ‘what is’ from a place of stillness and ‘being with. Allow yourself to be present with a symptom or tension or fear in Nature.

There are trauma release practices to allow our individual and collective trauma to melt and release. This means literally unwinding the nervous-system response that through trauma gets locked into fight, flight or freeze responses, which need to be rewired so that we can live from the easeful flow of an acoustic wave.

I have created a Soundmeditation to start the healing of trauma Click here

We have written about the acoustic way of being and here are some resources regards trauma release and nervous system reset here:

Energetic Shock point release Click here with Janine Greaves and Megan Silito

Healing Trauma with Irene Lyon: free video training: Click here

In depth Trauma Healing training w Dr Steven Levine as a special offer at this time: Click here

Transforming Tension:

If we are vibrating in a space of tension and fear, lets stop and breathe, move from ‘doing’ into ‘being’ with the intention to release and transform the tension inside that reflects the tension outside and bring ourselves into the state of easefull flow – knowing ourselves as Oneness – becoming the wave of generosity, peace and connectedness, allowing the nervous system to be in relaxation rather than stress. Allowing the ‘ease of being’ and relaxation, peace, stillness and connectedness to allow the collective trauma patterns of freeze, fight and flight to release and transform Can we expand and open in the face of contraction and, can we be in gratitude when faced with adversity, can we be the energy of wholeness and healing to wherever it might be required when tension arises?

And what new capacities might we wish to evolve during this time, capacities of intuition, reading the energy, being aligned with the energy of Earth…?

Being with the bees at this time is giving me soo much energy, teaching me about co-creation and community, about being at ease with the cycles of dying and birthing, revitalising and living in co-creative partnership with all of life . The Humm of Being: See my bee blogs from last autumn Click here and this spring here Click here

Other Resources, information and possibilities for inspiration

Resources for Meditation and alignment towards new ways of being:

You might have seen Bruce Lipton’s invitation towards creating vibrational coherence for ourselves and the planet:Click here

And my facebook live sound meditation to support that:Click here

Towards Awakening Consciousness as a global movementClick here

Sarah Mac Crumm speaks about what we pay attention to expands with some great resources.

Click here

Here are Some other places where more independent research and great information can be found to navigate this time:

Zack Bush about Biome Health both of the human Biome and the Earth’s Biome Click here

Click here Great resource for any wholistic health issues. They have also extensively engaged with Corona and now with the agenda of enforced vaccinations to end lockdown with some great newsletter articles and resources:

Click here Also powerful research, information and assistance specifically relating to children’s health and sickness

Click here Amazing extensive independent research into 5G and everything related to it.

Click here Powerful stand on freedom of speech and many other very varied contributions from all angles to this time
An epidemic of Control – an interview with Charles Eisenstein by Rebel Wisdom

While lockdown in some countries and areas has meant great hardship and even starvation and the advancement of 5G towers with enforced vaccinations including microchip tracking, mindcontrol and censorship with 5G and biochips – a very real possibility that I feel we need to be absolutely aware of and awake to and yet not become! e.t.c..

at the same time there is less pollution and in many it has opened the possibility of being still, reconnecting with nature and self and at least for a while I noticed a greater availability of stillness and peace, connectedness to Earth, plants, gardens and Nature and each other in a different way. So many people seem to use the time to re-evaluate their values and life and how they would like to live.

May we ride the wave of this time with grace through the storms of controversy and control and arrive at the other side in a thriving Future. Lets bring our attention and imaginative energy to that Future
Be well