Singing Bowls

150620111220 Singing bowls are ancient instruments used for healing and meditation, creating altered states of consciousness and deep relaxation.

The Process of crafting them – if approached in the right way following an ancient tradition – can become an alchemical journey of deep healing, alignment and discovery

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listen to the excerpt of an interview with Healing Fountain Radio Show; Gabriella talking about the making of bowls:

and Quentin speaking on saturday live BBC Nov 2013:
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Background story: The history of the singing bowl project


The Forge:


The crafting the bowls, gongs and other healing metal instruments in the deeply meditative way  carries vibrations for the evolution of consciousness at this time on the Earth.
We are offering  bowl making workshops for those who are called to forge their own singing bowl or bell. bowl making workshops
We also take commissions for making a bowl, bells, cymbals, gongs, or sound bars, tubular bells… for your journey, your home, your land or any purpose that carries the vibration of alignment to what is needed at this time on the Earth