Block of 3 Sound Sessions:


A vibrational field of support to assist any changes required is created and woven through sound in co-operation with your body intelligence and essence that creates the vibrational pathway to new possibilities.

Change can show up either immediately or cumulative over time as you keep working with the soundwand that is recorded during the session.

Are  you sensing there is more  you could be and create?

Are you looking to change something but can’t quite get a handle on how to do it?

Feeling a overwhelmed, out of sorts or just not quite functioning at the level you would like to?

Is there an issue you are dealing with you can’t quite get hold of or shift that might have its roots somewhere you can’t get to with your cognitive mind?

Would you like to feel more aligned with who you truly are and can be?

Or would you simply like a little more magic in your life?


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