Singing Bowl Workshops

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The work is ancient and new, of sound and silence. Captivating for those who have done it, many wish to return to craft anew, an instrument of fine sound frequency that will outlast the many generations to come. A record keeper and a close ally…sound as a companion to moments of utter peace and stillness.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to make your own healing tool?
A sounding instrument that carries a sound frequency of depth and beauty, crafted by your own hands and heart filled desires
A hand crafted singing bowl calling card towards the creation of the future.
Come and take part in an immersive workshop for birthing sound frequencies through the conscious transformation of material.
To craft your own singing bowl is a fun and rich experience of immersion into an ancient process of forging, working closely with the elements and the tools whilst bringing a new consciousness to every moment. At the end of the three days you will not only a have a beautiful sound companion and ally, you will have gone through an embodied experience of personal and alchemical change yourself.
In this workshop you will work closely with nature in its most elemental form – fire, water, metal, hammer, hand and heart. From these forces sound will be both creator and created.
If you have ever wondered what it is to be in the mystery and awe of creation then consider participating in this generous space for craft and community.

These workshops provide a rare opportunity to enter into an authentic alchemical process, whereby what outwardly appears to be a transformation of base metal, is in effect, a transformation of ourselves.
Ever since meeting you and creating my little bowl I have  felt a stronger connection with mother earth ,and a happiness in sharing my positive vibrations with my family, meditators and the world.

Throughout the workshop you will scribe, cut, shape, fire and sink your own bowl. Throughout these processes you will  be guided not only in the physical, but also in the metaphysical implications of making a singing bowl. Modern science has come full circle to rediscover the wisdom of the ages: All matter is in essence pure vibration, and intention colours form.
You will be assisted in holding a focused intention as you beat the metal in order to imprint the work with an appropriate  vibration. The act of bringing consciousness to how we perceive  sound and our developing sensitivity to resonance will underpin all we do.
The workshop will come to completion with the individual initiation and tuning of the instruments that  have been created.

I loved every moment of the time I spent with you, and am profoundly grateful to you all for following your callings the way you do. My, what a difference it makes to the world….My bowl has been instrumental in some really transformational work on many occasions. It has become iconic in our participatory leadership gatherings in the Commission. People’s eyes and souls light up when they hear that I made it with my own hands. It’s like a miracle’.Helen Titchen Beeth, EC Brussels, Belgium

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2018 Workshop Dates:

South West England
 A Sound in Landscape Collaboration with The Apricot Centre – Well Being Org
April 22 – A Ceremony for Earth Day
In Gratitude for the Metals of the Earth
Final details to be arranged – this will be a global awareness event in collaboration with our Totnes Community of makers, friends and the wider global community. Please let us know if you’d like to be a part of this creation team:-).
April 28 – May 2nd                                               
Transforming the Chalice and the Sword
Forging with Beltane Fires

nr Callington, Cornwall
A five day workshop in and with the land of Copper and Tin Mining in the UK.
Full DetailsHere
Forge a Singing Bowl Workshop
The West Coast Floes of the Atlantic Way
May 25 – 27th Ireland nr Bundoran, County Donegal                  
3 day fully residential workshop at a quiet Retreat Centre on The Atlantic Way.
Non-residential €375
Residential with Full Board €455 two nights
includes use of equipment, personal tuition and facilitation
Materials extra – based on metal chosen – approx €15 – €35
Non-refundable deposit of €100 to secure your place.
ToBook and for more information:
1st – 11th June The Celtic Call – Beyond Borderswith Elizabeth Smith-a journey to Special Sites in Ireland – starting in Co Donegal
This journey includes a 3 day bowl workshop 1st – 3rd june forging an instrument in co-creation with the thrum of the ancient land that we then take on the journey – visiting sites north and south of the border between Northern and Southern Ireland.We will be weaving between north and south – east and west – sounding the instruments in resonance and communion with the hum of the land.There is magic available as we open ourselves to this journey.
You can join for the west coast part of the journey until the 7th – based in Donegal – or for the whole – including centre, north and eastern sites – until the 11th june.
for more information on this journey see:

28th June MidSound Weaving Co-creation with the elements, the dragons and the bees – igniting the flow of Earth EnergiesthisMid summer with fire ceremony at the Clophill Centre June 29th – July 1stA Glorious residential Summer RetreatForging Instruments that awaken Earth energies from deep within the Earth and allow them to flow like nectars revitalising the land. – Mid Summer Fires toForge a Singing BowlA 3day residential camping retreat to craft your own singing bowl at a land based centre that works in harmony with nature and celebrates and nourishes life.
The Clophill Centre,
ToBook and for more details see
A three day workshop to craft your own singing bowl at a land based centre that works in harmony with nature and celebrates and nourishes life. Clophill has become a haven for co-creation, with a dynamic community of people growing and living with the land here as a partnership in cooperation and vision. The Clophil Centre is also a centre and a keeper of the fires of many traditions and lands. Through a wide range of teachings and medicine bowl carriers and makers, the land here has been maintaining a wide angled view of the unseen realms of nature and the earth for many years.
The Singing Bowl Making and Sound Weaving work of recent years on this land has been in resonance with the peace and stillness available through the many fires that are held throughout the year a circle of wide reaching co-creation.
Pricing for this workshop
£455 residential – includes full tuition, 3 breakfasts, 3 lunches, snacks, evening meals & 3 nights camping on the land (thursday, fri, sat). We offer self service breakfast and share the cooking for the evening meals.
£375 non residential option
Materials extra – usually between £15 – £40 based on size and type of material used
Other accommodations available. Please enquire.

Yorkshire MoorsA Co-Creation of SoundSaturday (evening) 11th to Wednesday 15th August
We are thrilled to announce that we will be co-facilitatingour first ever

Gong Making Workshop
at FellEdge Farm, nr Addingham, Yorkshire

A Collaborative Creation with our friends and mentors, Ton Akkermans and Carolina Schomper at the venue that has been supporting our work here in the north of England.
This is a  residential four days and nights dedicated to the forging and crafting of your own brass or bronze gong.
This workshop is especially inviting those who have made a bowl or two with us or Ton in the past years and who really desire the experience of forging and crafting a larger instrument to carry these sounds further into their lives. The instruments are large and follow a different process of making to the bowls but it is desirable for the maker to have a foundation of working the metal as a singing bowl before undertaking the making of a gong.
This residential retreat includes meals and camping on a private farm that overlooks the edge of the Fells.

go to the Creation of Gongs page to find out more of the richness on offer.
Bell or Small Bowl Making Workshop
Two Days
18th and 19th August

Fell Edge Farm, Yorkshire
These two days will make it possible for you to make a set of small bells – tingsha bells, a tubular bell or a small bell or bowl up to 9cm diameter.
We offer these two days as non- residential but it may be possible to stay over night on the farm in your own tent with your own food provision. Lunches will be supplied on both days.
£225 Non-residential fee, includes drinks, snacks and lunches as well instructions and use of all tools.
Material extra depending on choice:
£5 small bells – £45 tubular bell
A small additional charge for camping will apply.
21st – 23rd September 2018 Peace bowls at Wadhurst, East SussexFor World Peace Day on the autumn equinox we are invited to craft instruments of Peace
3 day non residential workshop £355.-

2017 Dates

Sound Awareness Day 10.30am – 4.30pm at Marden Village Hall, Marden, Wiltshire, SN10 3RQ with Janine Greaves, Heather and Gabriella £75
We have become aware that there is a demand for a follow up to the making of bowls, which is about the various levels and possibilities of how you can work with the bowls  you have made and be in energetic communication with your bowl and or one of the ancient tibetan or nepalese singing bowls. Learning to read the energy of bowls – ancient and new – and therefor a clearer sense of how they each can work and create with you in different ways….
29th, 30th April – 1st May 2017  Clophill, Bedfordshire
Create a Singing Bowl The Art of Sound and Alchemy
with a Sound Weaving on the Friday evening to be included for workshop participants.
For more details, bookings and registration see here
We will begin this workshop with a
Sound Weaving – The Clophill Centre
Friday 29th April 7:30 – 9:30
open to all

2nd MaySound Awareness Day at the Clophill Centre
with Janine Greaves, Heather and Gabriella, Wiltshire
We have become aware that there is a demand for a follow up to the making of bowls, which is about the various levels and possibilities of how you can work with the bowls  you have made and be in energetic communication with your bowl and or one of the ancient tibetan or nepalese singing bowls. Learning to read the energy of bowls ancient and new – and therefor a clearer sense of how they each can work and create with you in different ways….
12th – 14th May  at Cosán Ciúin,Tranquil Paths,this workshops is full wait-list only
Create a Singing Bowl The Hearth of Transformation
County Leitrim, Ireland 
On the land of Eire, under the blessings of Brigid, Goddess of Healing, Poetry and Smithcraft, you are called to reconnect with the ancient tradition of crafting your own medicine bowl.
for more information and to register for this workshop:
For full details and registration of this unique workshop in
Due to this workshop already being full up by popular demand we have opened up a second weekend in Ireland :
19th – 21st May  at Cosán Ciúin,Tranquil Paths, – due to popular demand and with the first workshop filling up, we have opened up a second weekend at the beautiful Cosan Ciuin
please email to register
This workshop is offered as non- residential but invites us to really enter into a deep and intimate space with the land and the very call to the heart of the matter… through sound crafting. As always you will be invited to a birthing of a vibrational frequency that has the capacity to co-create the future and honour the past whilst allowing an immersion in the wider community and landscape.
There is much assistance and even magic available as we open ourselves to this journey:
What comes from the past can be transformed as the rich soil that receives the future in lightness, magic and potency.
What sound frequency could you forge from such a place on the Earth?
Northern England
30th June – 2nd/3rd July at Fell Edge Farm, Ilkley, North Yorkshire
The Forge on the Yorkshire Moors
A Midsummer Singing Bowl Crafting Retreat
A three or four days Camp on the edge of the beautiful Ilkley Moors.
Fell Edge Farm – cradled by and looking out over the landscape of the Yorkshire moors – has opened its arms to welcome Resounding Earth to the north. Fell Edge Farm has the facility for camping on the beautiful extensive land, that invites a deeper residential retreat experience, close to the elements – with evening camp fires cooking, stories and music. For those preferring not to camp there are other local options.
Working in co-creation with the landscape and the elements, a glorious rainbow confirmed our agreement to bring the crafting of bowls to this land!
What vibrations can we co-create here at midsummer?
Three full days of crafting your singing bowl and optional on the 4th day a walk onto the moors and local stone circles with our instruments.
Pricing for this workshop
£330 includes full tuition, lunches and snacks.
Materials extra – usually between £15 – £30 based on size and type of material used
Camping fee £10 per night.
to book please email us at:

Scotland: This year’s special  deep dive residential retreats:

Resounding Earth on Mull
looking out over the Ardalanish Bay from Ardachy Hotel we will craft, we will centre, we will create a space where the song of the sea and the sound of Iona will bring us to a creation space of Resounding New Possibilities.
August 20th – 25th, Isle of Mull
A five day fully residential retreat
The Elves of the Isle are inviting us to craft instruments for a new cycle of time
For all details about this invitation please see:

26th August to 2nd September  Isle of Mull this workshop is now full  – wait-list only
Forging Sound and Self – a communion with Earth and Cosmos
Inner Hebrides a week long residential Singing Bowl Making – a deepening and opening to the language of Energy fully residential for deeper immersion  on the island of Mull in the Western isles of Scotland.

I loved every moment of the time I spent with you, and am profoundly grateful to you all for following your callings the way you do. My, what a difference it makes to the world….My bowl has been instrumental in some really transformational work on many occasions. It has become iconic in our participatory leadership gatherings in the Commission. People’s eyes and souls light up when they hear that I made it with my own hands. It’s like a miracle’.Helen Titchen Beeth, EC Brussels, Belgium

I very cleverly chose to attend a Workshop in Co Leitrim last weekend, where I created my very own singing bowl. Facilitated by Heather Cowen and Gabriella. Oh my, what a weekend. Hosted by Beautiful Moya in a magical space that she envisaged 4 years ago and nurtured into existence with such magic and honouring of nature’s wisdom and bounty. So the process began. A weaving of Possibilities. An exploration of All. Every one? of the 13 beautiful Beings that attended, brought such magical threads to the woven Weekend. Marie of gifted us The Celtic Tree Whisper Cards. And as I picked my card today and sat in the vibration of my singing bowl, I was Transported again to the deepest gratitude for you all. If you get a chance to attend a class with Heather and Gabriella, follow that Beautiful knowing of yours The Possibility of You.
Helen Geary

2016 Dates
Workshops run by Gabriella  & Heather from Resounding Earth Team:
30th April – 2nd May 2016   ‘Craft your own SingingBowl as an Alchemical Process’
At the Clophill Centre, Bedfordshire   £330 non residential
The Clophill Centre, Shefford Road, Clophill, Beds. MK45 4BT
a 3 day residential workshop: Sat 9.30 am – Mon 5 30pm ish
for details see here: Bowl Workshop Clophill Centre 2016
There will be a public sound weaving concert on the friday evening Fri 29th April  before the workshop , to which participants are encouraged to come, to receive and perceive the vibration of the instruments
31st May – 7th June:  Isle of Orkney retreat
Forging Sound and Self – A Communion with Earth and Cosmos
Craft a Singing Bowl in co-creation with the sacred sites and land of Orkney
A 6 days and 7 nights Fully Residential Workshop & Retreat with exploration of the Island, the stone circles and ancient sites.
For details see:
The summer will find us in different European countries :
June 26th-29th 2016:
Coming into Resonance through Forging a Singing Bowl
at the beautiful swiss castle of the Schweibenalb community
This workshop will be in english with translation into german available
you’ll need to scroll the calendar to find details for ‘coming into resonance’
at the Schweibenalb community you like to combine the creating of a singing bowl with a holiday in a stunning environment in the swiss Alps, this is your chonce
17th – 22nd July 2016
at the Obenaus community:, Berghausen Steiermark, Austria
Sun 17th July: Sound weaving Concert
18th – 22nd July 2016 ‘Create a Singing bowl – workshop/ retreat18th – 20th 3 day option
18th -22nd 5 day option
This workshop will be both english and german and might be translated into more languages
see the links for details:
Singing bowl workshop ENdetails in english
Singing bowl workshop DEdetails in german / auf deutsch
26th – 28th August 2016 Create Singing Bowls for Peace
At: Allanton World Peace Sanctuary
Allanton House, Auldgirth, Dumfries DG2 0RY, Scotland
a  residential workshop: Fri 2 pm – Mon 2pm
Fri 30th September – Mon 3rd October 2016 (only 1 space left)Forge A Singing Bowl – The Alchemy of Sound
Gt Waldingfield, nr Sudbury, Suffolk
This workshop has arisen out of an invitation from a group actively engaging in building a greater awareness of sound and how sound weaving can contribute to their lives. The invitation is open to be shared with others and this may be a workshop that  will provide an opportunity to co-create sound using bodies and voices as well as crafting the instruments.
Please make contact with us if any of this is of interest or if you would like to know more about the ongoing work of communities working with sound weaving.
Friday 2:00pm ­- 9:30pm & Saturday, Sunday  9:30am -­ 6:00pm and Monday  9 30 – 2pm
Non- residential
£385 Workshop Fee
plus Materials costs (approx £15 ­ £30) based on size of bowl
Simple and delicious vegetarian lunches & Friday supper, snacks and drinks included.
Places are limited to 12. – only 1 place left
A non-refundable deposit of £100 will secure your place.
To book please contact Heather at
8th – 10th Octobe2016 East Sussex Craft A Singing Bowl –  The Art of Sound Alchemy
In Wadhurst/ East Sussex
this three day experience is one in which Gabriella and Heather will bring you to a finer relationship to your own sound frequency. The process is rich, transformative and unique as is the bowl you will be guided in crafting.
Our hosts – Maya and John Morgan – have created their own forge through years of developing their own love of this work of crafting sound, circle, voice and heart. Through the space of their hearth we will come to know each other and ourselves with sensitivity and the invitation to meet deep seated peace.
Friday 2:00pm ­- 9:30pm & Saturday and Sunday – 9:30am ­ 6:00pm
£330 Workshop Fee
plus Materials costs (approx £15 ­ £30) based on size of bowl
Simple and delicious vegetarian lunches & Friday supper, snacks and drinks included.
Local information is available through our hosts Maya and John Morgan
Please ask for more details by email
Places are limited to 12. A non-refundable deposit of £75 will secure your place.* 
Advance Notice of Bowl Making Workshops for Spring of 2017
29th April – 1st May 2017 Beltane : ‘Craft a Singingbowl’ Workshop – Sound Alchemy at The Clophill Centre, 
12th – 14th May
2017 The Art of Sound Alchemy – craft your own singing bowlat Cosán Ciúin, Tranquil Paths, County Leitrim, Ireland 
with possible overflow workshop on the 19th – 21st May

Courses with Ton Akkermans and Carolina Schomper:

In Spain:

February 27 – 4 march 2016A GONG workshop
Create your own GONG in complete tranquility in the North of Spain.
Sound trip to the Pyreneesthis is an advanced workshop for those who’ve made 2 or more bowls

5 march till 11 march 2016 
Create your own sound bowl instrument in complete  tranquility.

both at: Rectoria de la Miana (see:

Address: La Miana, s / n 17 850 Sant Ferriol, Girona

At the village of Sant Jaume de Llierca

for more info and details:

or contact:

In UK:

Sat 15 July – Wed 19 July Create a Singing Bowl Summer School
at Hawkwood College , Stroud
for more info go here:


  Feedback / Appreciation from Workshop participants:

The facilitators:


Gabriella demonstrating

discovered her passion for forging, smithing and other craft – based work in her teenage years. She applied some of her metal work skills during her farming apprenticeship in her early twenties and then moved into a different path of working with music and sound, facilitating groups on transformational journeys, pilgrimages and workshops, that assisted a deeper connection with the Natural world and ones own soul resonance. Her sound healing work was complemented by the making of her own instruments when she met Ton Akkermans – master coppersmith and bowlmaker -in 2003 and started training with him. The bowl-project emerges after this 9 year apprenticeship. Thanks to Quentin Cowen whose passion and dream made it possible to take this work to the next level.
Gabriella is also a deeply intuitive sound healer/ sound alchemist with many years experience of accompanying individuals in their souls journey and path. Entering into the alchemical process with the metal, the fire, the elements and the vibration of intention and spirit through the making of the bowls has taken her sound healing work into another dimension.
 Heather holds the soul and hearth of the bowl project. Heather has a passion for bringing Heatherpeople together, creating a field of safety where all gifts and felt experience may be expressed. Highly intuitive and a gifted facilitator and listener to the space between the veils/words/hammer blows she enables and creates a generous space for the individual and the whole to come into resonance. She is inspired and guided by her awareness that everything in existence lives, breathes and has an intelligence that can be engaged with – seen or unseen. She has been crafting singing bowls and developing her natural gifts as a ‘bowl whisperer’ since 2010.
‘Bowl making is a process through which I experience that I myself am being forged . . . often bringing into coherence a place within me or the wider community that has not been met. Through this work a great deal of our buried selves is given an opportunity to be seen, witnessed and integrated. The relationship of one’s own innermost process to the outer creation serves to fully engage the maker and allows incredible transformations to occur. Through the crafting of singing bowls I have been brought to the birthing process of Me and given access to the consciousness present in all of life.’ The sounds that emerge from a completed instrument are then set free to create fields of coherence for potentially hundreds of years.  ?For Heather’s website and more information _
Ton Akkermans, the inspirer of this project is a coppersmith, sound therapist and healer.

Ton at the forge

Ton at the forge

based in the Netherlands.  He has been working 18 years in child psychiatry as an Antroposophical guide and taught Arts in a Steiner School. He also has been working as a restoration and Coppersmith crafting many sound instruments. He teaches children to empower themselves through the process of forging. He gives lessons on the HU colleges in Amersfoort, art and coaching. He is the founder of Foundation Odebaer, a Spiritual Centre and the Be Foundation, in which he is a very active member.. To contact Ton himself, email:
more info also here:

Carolina Schomper: Quentin and CarolinaCarolina co-facilitates with Ton. She guides the meditative processes holds the energyfield and co-facilitates all the practical and energetic processes – being a powerful healer and intuitive herself,

Quentin is a fine craftsman with deep intuitive faculties. He spent his formative
quentins-first-bowl.jpgyears in the Far East, where the local culture left a significant impression. Human and ecological conflicts of the time troubled his soul and ignited an early spiritual inquiry. Memories of experiencing the sound of a large Daoist temple bell, struck in a hillside monastery, pointed towards an answer to the unformed questions in his heart. Years later, he was privileged to be overwhelmed by the mystical experience of hearing the ‘roaring silence’ of the cosmos, while on a hill overlooking Ganden Monastery in Tibet.
In 2010 he met Ton Akkermans and since then he has been forging a path for himself making singing bowls, tingsha and other sound instruments, in a continual quest to encapsulate the ineffable and mysterious “original sound”. Quentin undertakes individual commissions and co-facilitates bowl making workshops with Gabriella and Heather.

2015 Dates

5th – 7th JuneThe Forge @ Little Durnford,  Salisbury,Wiltshire
This marks our first ‘home’ based workshop for the year. If weather allows we will work in the open clearing of the woodlands down by the Avon River.
This year we are offering two workshops in Belgium 
The Forge @Ransberg, Flanders
12th – 14th JuneFor members of The Art of Participatory Leadership
19th – 21st June Open to all  – with Solstice celebration fire
The price of this workshop will closely reflect the current sterling price of £330 plus materials.
There will be local accommodation available both on and off-site.
For online bookings and more details go to
and Helen’s blog posting
Ransberg is less than 1 hour east of Brussels and one hour west of Maastricht
26th – 28th June ’Craft your own SingingBowl as an Alchemical Process’ Firing of The Hearth’ The Forge @ Whepstead, Suffolk
This workshop creates an opportunity of a three day workshop with the added advantage of being able to stay on the land. Through living close to the land and with each other as community we create bowls with an even greater emphasis on the elemental forces that shape our lives and the sounds.
£330 Workshop Fee plus Materials costs (approx £20 – £30 depending on size)
Simple vegetarian lunches, snacks and drinks included.
Camping onsite with breakfast included is charged at £15 per night. Available from Thursday 25th, late afternoon.
Please enquire with our host Sally Tolhurst to book camping or information about local B&B.
We suggest bring and share suppers for all workshop participants for Friday & Saturday
Evening meal on Thursday is NOT supplied.
A public Sound Weaving Concert on Thursday 25th June 7.30pm opens the space and introduces the instruments and is included for workshop participants (guests £10 donation)
Workshop Times
Friday  26th June  9.30am – 5.30pm
Saturday 27th June 9.30 am – 5.30 pm
Sunday  28th June 9.30 am – 5.30 pm Completion time is approximate.
For bookings please contact Heather and information about camping and local B&B contact Sally on
For information about the Sound Weaving please be in touch with either Sally or Heather
10th – 12th JulyA special focus workshop with The Living Well / Dying Well organisation near Lewes, Sussex.
Crafting bowls to assist the end of life transition
This workshop has been specially commissioned and is now full
31st July – 2nd August ’Craft your own SingingBowl as an Alchemical Process’
The Forge @ Little Durnford, Salisbury, Wiltshire Singing Bowl with facilitation and support from the Resounding Earth Team.non residential 3 days: Fri 2.30pm – 9.30pm and Sat & Sun 9.30am – 5.30pm/6.00pm cost £330 inlcudes drinks, dinner on fri, lunch sat/sun
materials cost extra approx £15 -£35 depending on the size of bowl you choose to make a nonrefundable deposit of £75 secures your place to enquire & book email
August 15th – 19thSinging Bowl Making and Attunement to Tibetan Bowls
with Ton Akkermans & Carolina Schomper.
Also this year there is a fabulous opportunity to experience working with our beautiful teacher and mentor Ton Akkermans in a 5 day Summer School course fully residential at HAWKWOOD COLLEGE , Stroud, Gloucestershire
for full details and all bookings  go to:

This years special retreat:

6th – 11th SeptemberWhat Does it Take to Transform?

The Forge @Newbold House, Forres nr Findhorn,  Morayshire, Scotland
A Sound, Craft and Personal Transformation
Workshop and Retreat

This workshop/ retreat gives us extra time in a very comfortable and spacious house for a period of retreat and opportunities to explore the question of transformation, drawing upon the elements of Craft and the Elementals of Nature.
Connecting to the original energetic footprint of co-creation with the intelligence of Nature at Findhorn we will co-create with the special land energies of Cluny Hill, the power of place and the Findhorn vibrations which resonate throughout the world. This is a very special opportunity, which has arisen from our visit to Findhorn last Autumn.
Working predominantly in brass and bronze, you will scribe and cut the metal, working closely with the fire and all of the elements to sink and shape a finely crafted sounding vessel; an instrument that will outlast many generations to come. Instruction in the use of the tools and one to one support will be available throughout the workshop.
You will be guided not only in the physical, but also in the metaphysical implications of making a singing bowl. Modern science has come full circle to rediscover the wisdom of the ages – all matter is in essence pure vibration and that intention colours form. Throughout the workshop we will co-create and hold a focused space in order to bring forth your instrument. This act of bringing consciousness to how we perceive and experience sound, and our developing sensitivity to resonance, will underpin all that we do.
This retreat is offered as fully residential to allow for the deeper immersion available through this beautiful venue which is a part of The Findhorn Wider Community.
There are places made available for those who are local and would choose not to be accommodated at the house.
COST: Fully Residential  £780    Non-Residential £660    Camping £710
Non refundable deposit of £150 is required to secure a place.
For further enquiries about this workshop and to book please contact Heather
For details of Newbold House go to _
Three Day Workshops  – Full Payment Price £ 330
Please note that there is an additional cost for materials for all workshops which usually amounts to between £15 – £30 depending upon the size of bowl or instrument made.
Lunch or supper is included each day and drinks and snacks are available throughout.
Residential workshops are priced individually as are international courses.
Please look at full details for each one or contact the host for more information.
Unless otherwise stated our Three day workshops usually run from
Fri 2 30 – 9 30 and Sat & Sun 9.30am – 5.30pm/6.00pm.
Terms and Refunds Policy
A Non-Refundable Deposit of  £75  for all three day workshops is required to guarantee your place will be held.
For all other workshops and retreats details are supplied upon enquiry.
For ALL Bookings and enquiries please contact Heather at or through this website unless a local host has been advertised.
SKYPE ADDRESS Songlinesheather

2014 Dates for Singing bowls workshops

Make your own singingbowl – transformational craft workshop introducing you to the alchemy of forging your own healing instrument offering the experience of an alchemical journey while crafting your own singing bowl.

11 – 13 April 2014
Woodland workshop at: Little Durnford nr Old Sarum/Salisbury at our own forge
non residential
3 days: fri 2.30-9.30pm, sat,sun 9.30am- 5.00pm
cost £300 – early bird offer £285* if booked by 11th March see terms and conditions below

2 – 5 May  The Forge in  Suffolk nr Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk – non residential: 4 days immersion: fri 2.30pm – 9.30pm, sat,sun,mon 9.30am- 5.00pm
Full Payment Price £ 400     Early Booking Price £ 385* see terms and conditions below
Please note  – this workshop is nearly fully booked – wait list options are available
Local hosts Jane & David Walters
9 – 11 MayThe Forge @ Wadhurst,  Sussex
Local hosts Maya & John Morgan – Firing the Hearth3 days: fri 2.30pm – 9.30pm, sat,sun 9.30am- 5.00pm  non residential Full Payment Price £ 300     Early Booking Price £ 285* see terms and conditions below.
6 – 8 June The Forge @ Mill Cottage, nr Wantage, Oxfordshirewith a deeper Immersion into Nature for co-creation
Residential – Basic camping with all simple meals included
Set up from 2.00pm on Friday end around 5.30pm sunday – ending time flexible- please allow more time.  Price £360
with Gabriella, Quentin and Heather
The space here has a quality of having walked through the veils – the presence of the nature mill cottage streambeings is huge and very close, providing a real opportunity for dropping deeply and becoming one with the process of allowing the work to be the voice of the soul.
We will live very close to the land sourcing water for drinking from a clear spring, being in the constant presence of the home fires burning whilst crafting by a beautiful mill stream.We expect this to be rich in ways we have not yet experienced in our non-residential workshops. Places are limited and early response will secure your booking.
The land is offered for very basic camping. All food will be provided and our evening meals we will prepare together.
To enter the experience from this workshop in 2013 see description below
as well as Anthony Thorley’ on video

July: The Forge travels to Ireland:

11 – 13 July Greenbank Hearth Space, Clones, County Monaghan
3 days Fri 2.30pm – 9.30pm, Sat & Sun 9.30am – 5.30pm
Local hosts Hannah and Tony Chew   Firing the Hearth 
Price  €330   non residential
Enquiries and bookings through:Hannah Chew email:
18 20 July Karuna Flame – Holistic Retreat Centre, Cloonloo, via Boyle, Co. Sligo,3 days Fri 2.30pm – 9.30pm, Sat & Sun 9.30am – 5.30pm
Local hosts: Kris Zurek and Karen StewardFrom Heart through Hand
Price  €330 non residential,   €390 residential
book through Kris Zurek via email
1st – 3rd AugustThe Forge near Totnes / Devon
Non-Residential 3 Day Bowl Making
Please register your interest with us
Full Payment Price £ 300     Early Booking Price £ 285* if booked and paid for by 1st July
see terms and conditions below
29 – 31 AugustThe Forge @ Little Durnford, Salisbury, Wiltshire 
Fri 2.30pm – 9.30pm, Sat & Sun 9.30am – 5.30pm
Full Payment Price £ 300  Early Booking Price £ 285* if booked and paid for by 29th July
see terms and conditions below
Also this summer you can experience the work of Ton Akkermans and Carolina Schomper at Hawkwood College

17th– 21st August:Make Singing bowls and healings instruments with Ton Akkermans and Carolina Schomper: 3 – 5 day workshop at Hawkwood College, Stroud
Ton at the forge
A great opportunity to meet Ton, the initiator of this work who remembers his life and work as a Tibetan monk and bowl maker 6000 years back and is bringing the  powerful spiritual practice of the bowl, sound and sound instrument making from that lineage into this present time.

22nd August: Singing-bowl  initiation course with Ton Akkermans and Carolina Schomper  : at Hawkwood college , Stroud:
The Forge on Iona,  Scotland 21 – 26 September     Fully Booked – waitinglist only
Fully residential Sound, Craft and Transformation Retreat on the island of Iona.
For full details of this journey go here:
Three Day Workshops  – Full Payment Price £ 300     Early Booking Price £ 285*
Four Day Workshops  –   Full Payment Price £ 400     Early Booking Price £ 385*
Terms and Refunds Policy
*Early Booking price applies if booked and paid IN FULL 30 days before workshop

A Non-Refundable Deposit of  £75 – 3 day / £100 – 4 day is required to guarantee your place will be held.

Unless otherwise stated please contact Heather  for ALL Bookings and enquiries

U.K. mobile   44-(0) -7766-705927
SKYPE ADDRESS Songlinesheather

scribing the circle
autumn workshop
 Feedback / Appreciation from Workshop participants:

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